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Can we help to extend life of others by offering to shorten our life?

Someone raised a question to Khun Mae- asking if we can offer to shorten our lives in return to extend someone’s else life. It seemed that there was recorded case in history indicating that it was possible.

Khun Mae said that we cannot exchange our lives or sacrifice our lifespan for others. If it seemed possible, ie if the person had sincerely wished to save the life of others by offering his own life as sacrifice, the Buddha, guardian devas saw the person’s pure intention and bless the person.

She advised us not to worry about our lifespan- instead, practice meditation and chanting earnestly. If we used my life to serve others, it can be extended.

And even if we wish to extend the life of others, if their body cannot last anymore, there’s nothing much that can be done.

(based on teachings given on 22 August  2010)

Note: I was told by someone that a person well known for dates calculation was actually quite puzzled- because through his calculations, Khun Mae was not supposed to be alive. Khun Mae did suffer from a high fall from the roof about 10 years ago while she was up fixing the roof- and the fall had broken and twisted her back and she told us that she had almost died from it. She was all alone then and used hot water bottle to roll on her back. Till today, she told me that there is not a day that goes by that her back was not in pain. Yet, the pain never troubled her- and she would use her own condition to encourage us to meditate because through meditation, we would be able to control the pain.

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