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Merits are real, even though they cannot be seen

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Khun Mae said that we need to have faith and belief that all good things we do would bear fruits. For instance, if we made a donation to built a kuti, we cannot see the merits directly…we can only see the kuti. But the merits we have earned is real- even though it cannot be seen.

She shared her experience when she was undergoing ascetic practice years ago. One morning when she went for morning pindapat (almsround), a lady put a packet of rice which was wrapped using leaf. The lady is from the hills tribe and could not converse in Thai.

After the morning almsround, Khun Mae went to a place by the river to sit down to have her meal. She meditate for half and hour to dedicate merits to the donor. Then she started to eat.

There are 5 layers of leaf that the lady had used to wrap the rice. By the time Khun Mae had finished peeling off the 5 layers, the volume of rice is very small. There was no meat, chicken or fish. Just a small ball of rice, a bit of chili, long beans and salt.

But Khun Mae felt that and the lady had lots of faith when preparing the food and had done it with outmost care. It was then that Khun Mae realised the significance and meaning of what Buddha had meant when he taught: step the feet and it touches the air. There is real merits in helping and performing dana.

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