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The Cave- Rains Retreat 2011

During the rains retreat (vassa) in 2011, Khun Mae stayed in the Cave and build a simple structure to house the kitchen.

Usually during the vassa, the river water would be high- as it rains and the accumulated water from the mountains above gushed down in the river. Crossing the river would require some degree of mindfulness even if it is not during the raining session. This is because the surface below the river is uneven- there may be hollows or uneven stone- one need to walk mindfully to ensure not to slip.

There have been attempts to build a few bridges using bamboo, we have even tried to elevate it to higher levels but still the rain water would manage to wash the entire bridge away.

Fortunately as Khun Mae came back to work on the kitchen, it had stopped raining (the days before it was raining almost everyday). You would be able to see from the photos below on the construction of the kitchen.

If it rained earlier, the construction would be delayed and Khun Mae was due to fly to Singapore- therefore there was not much time. As the roof of the kitchen is finished, then only it rained- and it was very heavy- with the fierce river water gushing down to river.

The next day after the water levels have receded, a layer of small stones and sand were formed-  with that, it became so much more easier to cross the river. In fact, Khun Mae mentioned that she had contemplated in getting the makro/ tractor to dig and even up the river beds but that would require a substantial amount in which the temple could not afford. Nature had taken care of it.