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Dhamma Sharing

Khun Mae mentioned it is very important to have is patience and endurance to achieve sila, samadhi and panna. Below is her advise: Dhamma sharing for one's practice is that one practices patience. The reason one practices patience is to be able to watch and control ones emotions. Emotions that arise from greed, lust, hatred [...]

When it comes to hardship, pain and illness, it is something that Khun Mae is well familiar which she faces with equanimity. Many people have sought advise from her and many times, she is able to offer advise that soothe their hearts as she spoke with compassion and understanding having personally gone through challenges and [...]

In year 2009, I was staying in the cave with a nun, Mae Chee Baibun. There is no electricity in the cave so by 7pm, it is already quite dark. As it was getting dusk, I went up to the cave first to proceed with my evening chanting(where both Mae Chee Baibun and myself were [...]

Usually, it is a custom whereby when we pass donation of any kind (requisites, money) directly to monks and nuns, they would chant transference of merits to us. Sometimes, there would be someone who asked around his or her friends and later pass the donations over to Khun Mae. Some of the donors have not [...]

Back to Dhamma Sharing The sharing below was provided by Khun Mae to explain on the significance of holding a Mahasanghadana event. Originally this article was first written for the Mahasanghadana event held on 20 March 2016 where about 100 monks (in total 106 monks attended the event) were invited for offering of requisites and lunch [...]

Back to Dhamma Sharing A lay person who offer alms and sincerely dedicate the merits to the departed relatives and kammic debtors brings immense benefits to them. The benefits are many fold: The food provide nourishment to the Sangha It benefits the departed relatives and kammic debtors It benefits the donor Khun Mae often advises [...]

How Khun Mae had trained herself for walking meditation: Khun Mae had spent 5 years during her initial years as a nun staying in caves, forests and cemetries. During the very beginning, she had thought she could attain calm through sitting meditation alone. However sometimes, during the beginning, she found a lot of thoughts arise [...]

Back to Dhamma Sharing From the time I first know Khun Mae until now, I’ve never seen her judge any persons by their outward appearance. In fact, her understanding of the person can totally come as something unexpected. For example, there had been those who created some disturbance towards the peace of others but she [...]

Back to Dhamma Sharing Pain is something that many people goes through in their life. Khun Mae often advise that breath meditation is an effective way to manage one’s pain. Breath in and visualize the breath moving all over the body. Most of the advise given by Khun Mae came from her own personal experience [...]

Back to Dhamma Sharing When we recall back on our lives...it is not always that we have understood the Buddha's teachings and got where we are today. Along the line....there are many unseen beings- devas, nagas who have looked after us and keep us from harm and danger.  Sometimes when an ordained person walks past astatue [...]