Developing sati and mindfulness

Focus on the in-breath “Bud” and out breath “-dho”. Develop sati (mindfulness) with every in and out breath.

There is no need to force Samadhi (concentration). WITH STRONG SATI, SAMADHI ARISES AUTOMATICALLY/NATURALLY.

During walking meditation when you feel imbalance and want to topple, instead of saying ‘Bud-‘ when stepping the left foot and ‘-dho’ when stepping the right foot, be conscious of the ‘Bud-‘ with in-breath and ‘-dho’ with out-breath instead.

If feel restless and distracted during meditation, keep the mindfulness in the heart. If difficult, learn to breathe deeply. Observe where the breath travel to in the stomach. Then, when breathing out, hold the breath and release bit by bit. (this advice was given to a meditator who was restless and had high energy levels and it worked for her).

When fear arises at night, use sati (mindfulness) to observe what causes the fear. Send metta and dedicate merits. Look inside with mindfulness and the fear disappear.


It is not only during meditation that you should develop sati. Even daily, you should be practicing it. For example when at work in front of the computer, when you have too many things to do and you are trying to do everything fast, you’ll get overwhelmed, distracted and even panic. In this situation, just calm down, focus back on your breath, conscious of the current task and go back to work. It does not matter if you do your work more slowly- most important you should be mindful when doing your work so that there will be less mistakes and your mind will be calmer.

Recite Buddho with any in-breath and out-breath until you can chant ‘Buddho’ in your heart when going about your daily tasks. You will then realize that the heart and mind are two separate entities.

Try to make sure you maintain sati in everything you do and try to be conscious of your breath….gradually you can develop maha sati (super mindfulness). With maha sati, you will be conscious of your heart and the arising of kilesas (defilements)- you cut them off quickly. Also, you would find that the moment you are mindful of something, you will know the answers.


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