Walking the path and dealing with adversity

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If you want to practice and walk the path, difficulties may first arise to test your sincerity and determination.

You can request Buddha, and guidance of Ajahns (teachers of past and present) to help to guide you in your practice. But how can Buddha, teachers and devas speak to you or show you visions when everytime they see you, you are either sleeping or not listening?

Buddha, and great teachers can come and teach you meditation. You can also dedicate merits to your teacher and wish him well and healthy so that he can teach Dhamma for a long time. (After learning this, I also make it a point to dedicate merits to Khun Mae and she seemed to know that too).

Dedication of merits is very important for spiritual progress. During meditation, if the image of any person arises in your mind, dedicate the merit to the person. Hopefully this will turn the kamma you have with the person into ‘ahosi kamma’ (ineffective kamma).

When the heart is no good and pure, don’t teach others.


When other people scold or accuse you, send merits to them so that don’t make kamma. Because this type of kamma can obstruct our spiritual progress.  Don’t react to them. instead, chant ‘Buddho’, ‘Buddho’ in your heart, forgive them and transfer merits. This is a form of dana (giving) that you are doing for your heart. Your heart will then be radiant.

Transferring of merits will really speed up your spiritual practice. It is not only dana in monetary terms that you have to do- the dana must also come from the heart in terms of forgiveness towards other people.

If the heart gets real upset, reflect that ‘I will die one day. What it is to be upset? I don’t want any bad kamma anymore.’

If you hold your sila (precepts) righteously, bad people will be afraid of you instinctively and less likely to do bad things to wards you as opposed to if you always harm or scold them.

Also, before you look for faults in others, look into your heart to see what you are thinking.

(taken from her teachings in 2007 based on my notes)


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