Watch the arising of the conditions in the heart

Khun Mae said that if we can practice patience and successfully endure hardship at one place, we will be able to overcome hardship everywhere else. If we leave one place when faced with hardship, then everywhere we go we would encounter problems. Everywhere people are the same, so we are often not free from problems.

It is important to look into your heart instead of judging others or looking down on others. Khun Mae said if A comes to her and talk bad/complain about B, she would be looking at A instead of B. If a person like to talk bad about others all the time, obviously the person’s heart is not kind.

If bad thoughts arise and you try to suppress it by transferring merits or reciting Buddho, you are not addressing the real underlying issue. True, the thoughts may disappear for now but not long later, it will come back again. Instead, you need to watch the arising of the conditions of your heart:

Sang gehd ah gahn kong jit watch the arising of the condition of the heart

Is it happy? Sad? Hot? Cold? Attached to something?

See it for what it truly is, realize that it is impermanent, non self and suffering. Then let it go. Once you addressed it and let it go, it goes off for good.

Khun Mae said that this practice is important- to constantly watch the arising and fading of what is affecting the heart at all time. Then sati (mindfulness) will be automatic.


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