Short Term Ordination- December 2010

In the month of December 2010 (tentatively on 9 Dec 2010 onwards), Samnak will be having temporary ordination and 8 precept observance (for both male and female). If you want to join in, please contact Samnak directly (there are Thai, English and Mandarin speaking nuns residing in Samnak. Do ask for either English/ Mandarin speaking when you call).

You may choose to just observe 8 precepts or to ordain temporary as monks/ nuns. For those who wish to be temporarily ordained as monks, kindly inform Samnak in advance so that robes (as we would need to know your height in order to purchase robe of suitable length) and requisities can be arranged for you.

Benefits of temporarily ordination/ observing 8 precepts.

Observing 8 precepts or going for temporarily ordination is very beneficial for us as we have a chance to do parami (perfection). Therefore, Khun Mere would like to give opportunity to those who wish to observe 8 precept or undergo temporarily ordination (temporarily ordination was also held earlier in May 2010 in conjuction with Wesak- a number of Malaysians and Singaporeans took part).

If you find that you seemed to be stuck in life and could not progress in whatever you do, perhaps this would be a good time for you to learn to meditate and chant. Dedicate the merits as an act of gratitude to your parents and ancestors. Give yourself the opportunity to practice and observe 8 precepts or undergo temporary ordination to help your family and change your life.

If we choose to take the time and effort to practice as an act of gratitude to our father and mother, enormous merits will come out of it and we would find the path of our life more smooth in future.

Don’t worry about money

If you have financial difficulties, do not worry, sponsorship can be arranged for you. Let Samnak know when you are coming (arrangments can be made to pick you from Chiang Mai/ Chiang Rai airport) and Khun Mere will make the necessary arrangments. Khun Mere’s only request is that you are sincere in your practice and aspirations.

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