Short Term Ordination (Dec 10)- All Night Sitting/Chanting/Meditation

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An all night chanting/ sitting was held at Pra Bud Patimahkon Brachod Sarerik Gathat:



There were initial concerns that some of the novices were too young to stay up whole night, and with the cold weather, they may fall sick.

However, when the actual sitting happened, the novices managed to stay up from night till morning. After that, they went for almsround. Even when Khun Mae had suggested that they take a rest, they assured Khun Mae they were doing fine.


 This event and the short term ordination had benefited most of the novices. One of the novices even asked Khun Mae when they can have another all night sitting/chanting again. After they completed and came back to Malaysia/ Singapore, something within them have changed. All of the novices have not tried to do all night chanting/sitting before, and when they were being able to accomplish this in which they themselves at not thought possible, it had given them confidence and trust in their ownself and capabilities. Their parents told Khun Mae, in her visit to Malaysia/ Singapore, that they children have changed- they learn to be independant, hardworking and previously rebellious ones were much more obedient.



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