The favourable colors for you (according to your day of birth)


Day that you were born Good colors Colors to Avoid
Sunday 1. Success: Purple, orange, yellow2. Good luck: White3. Power: Cream, grey


4. People help: Red

1. Arguments/ conflict: Green2. Health ailments: Black & blue3. Danger: Pink
Monday 1. Success: Cream, grey2. Good luck: Pink3. Power: Black & blue4. People help: White 1. Arguments/ conflict: Purple, orange, yellow2. Health ailments: Red, orange3. Danger: Green
Tuesday 1. Success: Black & blue 2. Good luck: Green3. Power: Red4. People help: Pink 1. Arguments/ conflict: Cream, grey 2. Health ailments: White3. Danger: Purple, orange, yellow
Wednesday 1. Success: Red2. Good luck: Purple, orange, yellow3. Power: White4. People help: Green 1. Arguments/ conflict: Black & blue 2. Health ailments: Pink3. Danger: Cream, grey
Thursday 1. Success: White2. Good luck: Cream, grey 3. Power: Pink


4. People help: Purple, orange, yellow

1. Arguments/ conflict: Red2. Health ailments: Green3. Danger: Black & blue
Friday 1. Success: Pink 2. Good luck: Black & blue3. Power: Green


4. People help: Cream, grey

1. Arguments/ conflict: White2. Health ailments: Purple, orange, yellow3.  Danger: Red
Saturday 1. Success: Green 2. Good luck: Red3. Power: Purple, orange, yellow4. People help: Black & blue 1. Arguments/ conflict: Pink 2. Health ailments: Cream, grey3. Danger: White

Definition of day of birth: on the day that you were born, what day was it? Sunday? Monday? Etc?

Example, if you are born on 18 April 1978- it was a Tuesday. That means you were born on a Tuesday. From the list above, take a lot at colors that are good/bad for you.

Do check if the situation applies to you. The above are not the mere rules- they are to compliment what you are already doing. Khun Mae has always taught us not to forsake meditation, chanting and transference of merits- as it helps to make our life smoother and better.

Note: The information was obtained from a book written in Thai, in which Khun Mae translated and we took down the details. Hope this information helps you.


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