Short Term Ordination 短期出家 – 14 to 25 May 2011

To view photos of previous short term ordination, please visit the Photogallery.

Short Term Ordination
Period from 14th – 25th May 2011
May 2011 in conjunction with Vesak day, Samnak will be organizing a temporal ordination and observation of eight precepts (both male and female adult)

You may either do the observation of eight precepts or go for temporal ordination as a monk or nun at your wish. For those who wish to go through temporal ordination, advanced notification is greatly appreciated as robes and other requisites need to be arranged.

Going through Temporal Ordination / Observation of Eight Precepts
Going through temporal ordination / Observation of eight precepts is seen as virtuous. It is seen as a means for us to “repay” our parents for their work and effort in raising us, because the merit from our ordination will accumulate and attributed to them as well. You may choose to stay 3 to 9 days. The shaving of hair is optional for people observing the Eight Precepts

Notifying parents of intention to pursue desired path
Please not that before going to Samnak to do the desired precepts, please be notified that permission from parents must be sought. Should your parents have passed on, simply hold up the joss stick, face the east and inform your parents of your intention to pursue this desired.

Accommodation, food and attire will be provided for. If you have any finance difficulties, do not worry, arrangement can be done.
The only request from Khun mere is your sincerity in your practice and aspirations.


14 May 2011               Arrival at Chiang Mai airport
15 May 2011               Head-Shaving
16 May 2011               Ordination Ceremony
17 – 23 May 2011       Observe ordination involves chanting, mediation, walking mediation, alms
24 May 2011               Resume secular life
25 May 2011               Departure

Note: If you are not able to make it for 10 days, you can arrange to come for 7 days. Khun Mae can help make the arrangements.

短期出家2011514 – 25

卫塞节 – 短期出家

2011年5月14 – 25







2011年5月14日                      抵达清迈机场
2011年5月15日                      剃头
2011年5月16日                      出家,穿白衣白裤仪式
2011年5月17-23日                 念经,打坐,走禅,化缘
2011年5月24日                      还俗
2011年5月25日                      离境

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