The Importance of Chanting in Our Cultivation

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Chanting as good as listening to the Buddha giving a Dhamma talk. Khun Mae advised thatit is important if we really want to walk the path.

If we don’t even understand simple things like meaning of “Namo Tassa” and how to chant transferance of merits, it is as of we do not believe in the teachings of the Buddha at all.

If we were to walk the path and do not know about chanting, how can we comprehend the true Dhamma? Read the translation (either English/ Mandarin) and we will learn. When we face problems or meet with obstacles in practice, the answer may come as we recall a particular chant which represents the teachings of the Buddha. Chanting also helps us to sharpen our mindfulness as our mind would be with the chanting.

Khun Mae also taught to chant sincerely from the heart- not only using the brain to merely chant the words. Once, she asked one of her disciples how to chant Ovadapatimokkhagatha. Her disciple started taking out the book and wanting to refer as she could not remember- even though the lady had been chanting it for quite sometime. Khun Mae then told the lady if she had been chanting from the heart, she would comprehend and would be able to recite from the heart.

Chanting is really beneficial. After sometime of consistent practice, your mind would be able to calm down more easily. Sometimes you would be doing work or driving and the heart would be chanting. And when meet with problems, the heart would seemed to know what’s the right thing to do- that is in accordance with sila (precepts).

View also benefits of chanting in a listing.

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