Wesak 2011- 15 May – Before the event

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The 8 preceptors prior to hair shaving. In the picture above, all the male 8 preceptors above undergo temporary ordination for 9 days.

Above are the female 8 preceptors.

After chanting- for some, they are learning to observe 8 precepts and chanting for the first time. At first, some find it difficult to chant in Pali and some with knee problems and pain were not used to kneeling down. But after 9 days, the transformation is inspirational. They could chant and remember the basic verses.

Asking for Forgiveness

Khun Mae had always emphasize to us, it is important that we seek forgiveness from our parents.  Those who came with their parents are advised to seek forgiveness from their parents if they have done anything wrong by kneeling down and bowing to their parents’ feet 3 times. The parents forgive by touching their head- it would serve to smoothen out the person’s path in future.

According to Khun Mae, if our lives are not smooth, sometimes we need to examine our relationship with our parents. If we have been unkind or say hurtful things that opierced their hearts, our path in lives would not be smooth- as we have forsaken the ones who had brought us to this world and raise us up.

The event was quite a tearful one- it brought tears to the eyes of those who were witnessing it as well.

Initially we had wanted to proceed with hair shaving right after that- but a sudden heavy shower came. Right after the heavy rain, the hair shaving started about 4.30pm.

Many are shaving their heads for the first time:

Below, Xian Yan’s mom initiate by cutting a few strands of her daughter’s hair.

Khun Mae did the shaving for the ladies. A total of 4 ladies went for temporary ordination.

Night time: Chanting lessons

Khun Mae taught chanting lessons to Thai, Singaporeans and Malaysians 8 preceptors.

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