Wesak 2011- 17 May- Night Chanting and Walking Meditation

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 Click to Listen to Audio recording of Khun Mere giving advise in Mandarin. Below some contents are transcribed from the audio.

The evening started with chanting and sitting meditation:

Then, each person from monks, nuns, 8 preceptors and laypersons each take a flower, jossticks and candles. In front of Buddha Pra Bud Patimahkon Brachod Sarerik Gathat, we make an aspiration.


And then following by walking meditation 3 rounds (clockwise) the Buddha. Chant Itipiso to pay respect to Buddha.


After walking meditation, the candles and jossticks are placed beneath trees, while flowers are placed on the Buddha. After that, say in our hearts that we want to offer flowers, jossticks and candles to the Buddha as respect. Say our name and that we aspire to perform good as gratitude Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, our ancestors and our parents. After that, invite the power of the Buddha to protect us- say what is our name, address, our family members, and if we wish for protection and blessings for specific persons/ family members, mention the name. When making the wishes, don’t close the eyes. Open the eyes and look at the Buddha- use the heart. (transcribed from the audio recording given by Khun Mere in Mandarin)

After which, we went back to our respective seats, meditate for a while and recall the good things we have done and transfer the merits to our kammic debtors. If in the past we have done things that are no good (actions, words, thoughts that are unpure), reflect that now that we are in the robes/ observing 8 precepts- we are like Buddha’s children and our actions, words and deeds are pure. Invite the power of the Buddha to protect us. Reflect on the robes/ 8 preceptor clothings covering our bodies that we are currently wearing and recall that now we are observing the sila (precepts)- then use our hearts to transfer the merits to our kammic debtors, guardian devas of our homes (as gratitude as they have protected our homes), etc. Take time.  If we are facing any difficulties, make the aspiration that may our observance help us to overcome the challenges.

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