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Samanera Pang Re

There is suffering in our everyday life. As we grow old, we have suffering. Because we tend to have attachment to money, we also suffer. We also suffer as death approaches  as we cannot bear to part with those we love. (note: apologies as I only managed to capture part of the talk).

Samanera Khun

From the 5 precepts, I will talk about the precepts of not stealing. Buddha gave this ruling 2500 years ago for our benefit. We can get caught if we steal, kill or cheat others. And if we consume alcohol, we gradually become addicted and start to do bad things. For example, we may drink and drive resulting in an accident that may have taken someone else’s life.

We must observe the 5 precepts. A lot of people may be turned off by that but it is really for our own good. Find a teacher and no need to go around changing teachers. Practice and listen with a good heart. Example, if people talk bad about others, don’t listen or follow. Don’t take scolding personally. Important to practice.

Samanera Kim Siew

When I wanted to do offering to Khun Mae, she had requested that I ordain instead as the best and most beneficial thing that I could do for myself. Now that I meet and understand about the teachings of the Triple Gem, I am more aware of what needs to be done. Previously, I had only look at things from the surface. Now I realise we cannot be too judgmental. We would never truly understand things if we only look at the surface. We need to look deeper and from there, we may realise that there are reasons behind why things are done in a certain way. There is a story of this boy- who was well known for being very naughty. One day, the boy was seen crying at a corner. When asked why he was crying, he said that someone dear to him had passed away. Whoever that see the boy this way would see deeper and look at the boy differently. Sometimes, we need to have paradigm shift.

Samanera Wong

I want to thank Khun Mae for building this temple and allowing us to come here. It is a blessing to come here and have a chance to sit cross legged- when previously I had not been able to do so. My gratitude goes out to those who cook and help us. Thanks to Ajahn for his help and guidance (wearing the robes, teaching chanting). When I was in lay life, I always had the urge to eat at night. But now, I don’t. I’ve learned a lot of things- that the Buddha teaches us to be honest people and what is the path we should walk. Mae Chi Nancy’s (his wife in lay life who also came for temporary ordination) health had improved a lot after she came here.

I am grateful to Khun Mae for requesting him to come and undergo temporary ordination. In the past, he had always made excuses not to do it but now he had finally made the trip here. Coming here, he felt very relaxed and was able to let go. Back at home, he needed to look after his business and his workers. Here, he did not need to worry much.

Usually, he unwind at the end of the day’s stress by drinking liquor- so much that he is used to that. Now he had been without liquor and is used to it. Hopefully, he would not drink or at least can reduce substantially when he goes home.

Thai novice

Novice Papa

Shared in Hokkien language.

Samanera Min

Touched by the experience but he could not put in words.

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