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Short and informal advice by Khun Mae on benefits of ordination

(Transcribed based on an informal talk in Mandarin given by Khun Mae in Singapore on Tuesday 5 July 2011 to Siew Lan’s family)

Part 1

If we have the opportunity to undergo ordination, we should do so as gratitude to our parents. We recall the 9 months we have spent in our mother’s stomach and it had caused her hardship.  Have it ever occurred to us?

We should reflect that now we still have the chance, we want to do it as gratitude towards our parents. While they are still alive, they are able to witness and rejoice in the merits that we share with them. Earlier on we had done chanting and Khun Mae asked  if she had recalled that she had translated the last part transference of merits (Sabbapattidanagatha) that ‘ the beings be happy by accepting my merits and may they able to achieve Nibbana’. If our mother had passed on, we feel sad and only then thought of repaying our gratitude towards her, she is not around anymore.

You can ask around- it’s not the same if our parents is not around anymore. Now that they are around and we have the opportunity to do good and be able to show to them, we should do it now. Have courage to tell others about it too- if you tell people that you want to do, people may express disbelief- show them we can do it.

Khun Mae asked the girl- if she is only given 2 choices- either to donate 1 million or to ordain, she would probably select to donate than to go through ordination? Her mom answered that surely her daughter (the girl) would want to opt to donate than to ordain. The girl smiled in agreement.

Then Khun Mae advised, if one have the courage to ordain, the parami is infinite. After that, anytime you recall, the merits is there within your heart. In our thoughts, words and action, we have wanted to do good. Even having wealth of 100 million  cannot be compared to the greatness of ordination. It’s real. You need to go through the experience yourself,  then from your experience and mindfulness you would be able to comprehend.

We may not be so young anymore, throughout our lives, we may have wasted a lot of time as well go through a lot of experience and suffering. Those who have experienced suffering would be able to comprehend the Dhamma relatively quickly. Because we already know what suffering means.

Should those around you be puzzled and question why would you want to ordain, you may explain that you want to ordain 9 days as gratitude to your mom for carrying you for 9 months in her stomach.  Tell ourselves, if I am able to do it, I would do it (to repay my mother’s kindness and sacrifice).  Explain this to those who asked. Now my heart had gone experience enough suffering and gone though a lot, I can do it. No need to explain a lot.

Khun Mae also said that the hair that grows back after that usually looks very different- it’s more healthy and vibrant.

Part 2

When Khun Mae first ordained, her path was laden with hardship as she strove to learn meditation and chanting. But she had strong faith that the Buddha’s parami would help to guide and shine a path for her to walk a good path- she had only hoped for this and rely on her own self to have faith and resilience to continuously learn. Within her she had faith to do it properly and well. For her, it had not been a smooth sailing path where she meditated and all the answers came to her easily.  But she never give up.

Whatever we do, we must have faith and be willing to work hard towards it. With genuine faith and belief, we can achieve.

It’s just like working- when we face challenges/problems, our hearts may get bored and not happy about working. Bored and disillusioned with everything would cause our hearts to have no strength because insider we feel very sad and upset. Let go…..because it’s no use feeling like this.

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