Short Term Ordination December 2011

Short Term Ordination (短期出家)
Duration:  4 – 14 December 2011

Update @ Dec 2011: View the photos of the ordination here

Samnak will be organizing a short term ordination and observation of eight precepts (both male and female adult and children)

View past Short Term Ordination photos and writeups: 

 A guide on the 75 Monastic Rules for Novices is updated (available in 华语)



Dates Tentative Program
03 or 04 December 2011             Arrival at Chiang Mai airport
04 December 2011                     Head-Shaving
05 December 2011                     Ordination Ceremony
05 – 13 December 2011           Observe ordination involves chanting, mediation, walking mediation, alms
14 December 2011                     Resume secular life
14 December 2011  onwards Departure

You may either do the observation of eight precepts or go for short term ordination as a monk or nun at your wish. For those who wish to go through short term ordination, advanced notification is greatly appreciated as robes and other requisites need to be arranged.

Do read the copy of the 75 Monastic Code of Conduct for Novices– it serves as a guide. If we wish to do good and practice Buddhism, we should do it properly and well. (ควๅมเคร่งดในทางพระศาสนาต้องปฏิบัติตามพระธรรนัย)

Going through Short Term Ordination / Observation of Eight Precepts
Going through short term ordination / Observation of eight precepts is seen as virtuous.

CLICK HERE to view an informal sharing by Khun Mae on the benefits

The purpose of ordination/ observation of eight precepts so that the merits earned can be shared with your parents.

You may choose to remain in ordained/8 precepts for a total of 5 or 7 days if you are unable to make it for 9 months. The shaving of hair is optional for people observing the Eight Precepts

Notifying parents of intention to ordain/ observe 8 precepts

Prior than going to Samnak to undergo short term ordination/ 8 precepts, do inform your parents that you would like to undergo short term ordination as a gesture of gratitude. Let them know so that they are able to rejoice in your effort.

If your parents have passed on, simply hold up the joss stick, face the east and inform your parents of your intention to pursue ordination/ 8 precepts. 

Accommodation, food and attire will be provided for. If you have any financial difficulties, please do not worry as we can make the arrangement can be made.
The only request from Khun mere is your sincerity in your practice and aspirations.

Note: If you are not able to make it for 10 days, you can arrange to come for 5 or 7 days. Khun Mae can help make the arrangements.

Update @ Dec 2011: View the photos of the ordination here

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