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Khun Mae mentioned that for those who are not able to make it on Wesak day, they can perform self practice at home. This year, being almost 2600 years of the Buddha sasana- therefore Khun Mae advised that for those who cannot make it, make time to practice at home on that day.

It is not the place, but the state of mind or heart that matters.  Khun Mae said don’t underestimate your own capability, believing that one must practice in the temple and that if one does at home it does not render the same effect.  If one is to practice with sincerity and make an aspiration, one may be able to overcome obstacles and achieve success in what one sets up to do.

Pay respect to Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha by bowing 3 times. Then light a candle – you can purchase the pink colour lotus candle (refer to a sample from picture obtained from the internet)

Chant the Salutation to the Triple Gem for 108 times in Pali. Yes, 108 times and the chanting will take about 3 hours to complete. To ensure you are able to keep to the correct number, you may use chanting beads or another way is to write from 1 – 108 on a piece of paper and strike off each time you have complete one round.

Transcript of Salutation to the Triple Gem is as follows (you may chant those in brown bold script):

(Listen to audio– the audio complete about 1 time chant)

Itipi so bhagava araham samma-sambuddho, Vijja-carana-sampanno sugato lokavidu, Anuttaro purisa-damma-sarathi Sattha deva-manussanam buddho bhagavati

(Translation: He is indeed the Blessed One, worthy and rightly self-awakened, consummate in knowledge and conduct, one who has gone the good way, knower of cosmos, the unexcelled trainer of those who can be taught, teacher of human and divine beings, awakened, blessed)

Svakkhato bhagavata dhammo, sanditthiko akaliko ehipassiko, opanayiko paccattam veditabbo vinnuhiti
(Translation: The Dhamma well-expounded by the Blessed One is visible here and now, timeless, inviting all to come and see, leading inward, to be seen by the wise for themselves.)

Supatipanno bhagavato savaka-sangho,
uju-patipanno bhagavato savaka-sangho,
ñaya-patipanno bhagavato savaka-sangho,
samici-patipanno bhagavato savaka-sangho,
yadidam cattari purisa-yugani attha
purisa-puggala, esa bhagavato savaka-sangho,
ahuneyyo pahuneyyo dakkhineyyo añjali-karaniyo,
anuttaram puññakkhettam lokassati
(The community of the Blessed One’s disciples who have practiced well… who have practiced uprightly… who have practiced methodically… who have practiced masterfully — the four pairs, the eight types of Noble Ones: That is the community of the Blessed One’s disciples, worthy of gifts, worthy of hospitality, worthy of offerings, worthy of heartfelt respect, the incomparable field of merit for the world.)

After Completing the Chanting

The chanting will take about 3 hours- it requires patience, faith and determination.  After completing the chat,  calm the mind, and then say in heart  name and full address and invite the merit through chanting  for protection and if there is any other difficulties, make aspiration may the problems be overcome. Transfer merits to parents and their kammic debtors. Make sincere aspiration- if do sincerely it is possible for us to achieve our aspiration.  We have within us to achieve what we set up to do- and we should have faith in our own capabilities.

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