Maha Sanghadana มหาสังฆทาน (ต.ค. 2555)

Event date: 6 – 16 October 2012. To arrive at Chiang Mai International airport on 5 October 2012 (please refer below for more information)

Maha Sanghadana 6- 16 October 2012 มหาสังฆทาน (6- 16 ต.ค. 2555)

Dear all,

Samnak Wittmuthidamaram will be conducting an event of Maha Sanghadana to be held on the October 6 to October 16, 2012 at Samnak Temple, Lampang, Thailand for the duration of 9 days.  During this duration of 9 days, all lay followers shall be undertaking the Eight Precepts and on Vegetarian diet. There shall be a ceremony of performing a Maha Sanghadana Meritorious Deeds to a community of Monks (Luang Phor ) where we will be accruing and gaining Maha Punna ( Merits ) to be dedicated and transferring to our Departed Parents, Ancestors, Departed Relatives and Loved Ones, Kammic Debtors, All The Lost Souls and Wandering Spirits and All The Hungry Ghosts. Others programmes will include chanting and meditation during this 9 days event.

Daily timetable
4.00am – Wake up
4.30am – Morning chanting
5.30am – Sitting meditation
6.00am – Walking meditation
6.30am – Transfer merit
7.00am – Breakfast
9.00am – Meditation & transfer merit
11.00am – Lunch
12 – 1pm  Washing clothes & rest
2.00pm – Chanting
4.00pm – volunteer works (help to clean temple)
6.00pm – Walking meditation
7.00pm – Evening chanting
9.00pm – Meditation
10.00pm – Bedtime
* all are subject to change

9/10/12 Maha Sanghadana day

On that day, monks will be invited to perform chanting, followed by lunch dana.

Offering :- Shrine Hall, Kuti, Kitchen, Dhamma Wheel statue, Naga statue to Buddha Sasana.

Our respect towards Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha

All those whose have contribute towards the offering may they rejoice and transfer these merits to their Departed Parents, Ancestors, Departed Relatives and Loved Ones, Kammic Debtors, ALL THOSE HAVE MISCARRIAGE OR ABORTION BABY

All The Lost Souls and Wandering Spirits and All The Hungry Ghosts

All angered souls, Souls that said heedfulness words……


For those who would like to attend this event:

If those who like to participate in this event, please confirm by either contacting Samnak/ Khun Mae or dropping a comment here (comment will not be published- the site admin would help to forward your message to Khun Mae).

Arrival date: On 5 October 2012 at Chiang Mai International Airport (once you confirm your arrival, transport will be arranged to pick you up from the airport).

Departure date: You may choose the departure dates as 10, 14 or 17 October 2012 via the evening flights:

  • for Singaporeans- Silk Air fly on Wed, Fri & Sun
  • for Malaysians- AirAsia arrive morning flight & depart the evening flight


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