Installation of Buddha at Samadhidhammaram Centre in Bangkok

Update in October 2012: View the installation photos of the event

Date: 24 October  2012, Samut Sakhorn, Bangkok (arrive at Bangkok by 23 October 2012)

For those who are able to stay back from the Maha Sanghadana, you may travel to Bangkok with Khun Mae from Lampang. Else, if you are not able to make it earlier, your can come straight to Bangkok and stay for a few days for this event.

You would need to arrive at Bangkok on 23 October 2012.

For those who would like to attend, you may:

  • contact Khun Mae directly
  • drop a comment with your details (comment will not be published and we will reply accordingly)
  • email to methikadotcom @  (please remove the space when sending)


To :  All Lay Followers, Devotees & Disciples Of Khun Mae


It’s give me great honor and pleasure to inform everyone that there are this opportunities for us to perform Great Meritorious Deeds ( Maha Dana ) and accruing Great Merits ( Maha Punna ) by contributing towards the purchasing of 3 Big Buddha Statues for the New Samathidhammaram Centre in Samut Sakhorn, Bangkok, Thailand.  The description of the 3 Big Buddha Statues are as follows :-

1) Main Buddha Statue   :-       Size : 365cm (h) x 240cm (w) x 138cm (d)
Costing  :-    THB 340,000.00
RM 34,000.00

2) Pha Malai พระมาลัย Statue :-       Size : 206cm (h) x 160cm (w) x 88cm (d)
Costing :- THB 150,000.00
RM 15,000.00

3) India Style Buddha Statue :-       Size : 216cm (h) x 161cm (w) x 87cm (d)
Costing :- THB 120,000.00
RM 12,000.00

4) Estimated Construction Cost Of 3 Concrete Lotus Stands For 3 Buddha Statues
Costing :- THB 200,000.00
RM 20,000.00

Total Amount Required THB810,000.00   (  RM 81,000.00  )

Any amount of contributions for the above are most welcome and appreciated. Should the collection of the contributions amount exceeded or in excess, all the excess funds shall goes towards the construction cost of the New Samathidhammaram Centre in Samut Sakhorn, Bangkok, Thailand.

There shall be an Installation & Consecration Ceremony for the 3 big statues to be held on the October 24, 2012 at the new Samathidammaram Centre, Samut Sakorn, Bangkok, Thailand.  All are welcome to participate or join in the celebration events with programe of chanting, meditation, performing meritorious deeds and lastly sharing, dedicating and transferring of our merits accruing from this Maha Dana with all the Brahmas, Devas, Loves Ones, Ancestors, Kammic Debtors, Departed Relatives, Friends & Enemy, All The Lost Souls & Wandering Spirits, All The Hungry Ghost and All The Sentient Beings.

All are Invited to come to Bangkok to join in this ceremony event.

May your generous contributions towards the above contributions and compassion be blessed with Joy, Good Health, Prosperity and Happiness always.

Note: Contribution for the above has been closed as the Buddha has been successfully installed. Sadhu.

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