Buddha Installation at Samadhidhammaram Centre

The Buddha installation event was held at Samadhidhammaram Centre at Samut Sakhorn on 24 October 2012 (24 ต.ค. 2555) (view invitation prior to this event).

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Here are the updates on the events with the photos and video:

Video วีดีโอ:

Photos โฟโต้:

These are the plates that would be laid as the foundation.


The picture was taken around midnite- where the golden leafs are laid on the foundation by male supporters.

Above: All the golden leaf have been placed. This would become the foundation that the Buddha statue would be placed on.

Above: The Buddha and Phra Malai statues were delivered early in the morning.

Above: Phra Malai พระมาลัย statue overlooking the clear morning sky.

The Buddha statue measures Size : 365cm (h) x 240cm (w) x 138cm (d) and weight about 1000kg. It was lifted in unison.


Chanting ceremony begin and flowers are spread on the golden leafs.

9 monks were invited to conduct the chanting, lead by Ajahn Sher.

Buddha statue is placed at the lotus base. We are grateful that the statue about 1000kg could be lifted and placed on the lotus base without much difficulties.


The event ended with lunch dana and offering of flowers as a gesture of gratitude to the monks.

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