Ordination 3 Dec 12- Pindapat Almsround

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On 3 December 2012, the novices undergo their first time of almsround (pindapat).  After morning chanting, we proceed to Wat Klong Tan, located near Samadhidhammaram for pindapat.

Note: The time captured in the camera is in Malaysian time. Thai time is 1 hour behind.

The nearby temple had arranged for the novices to follow one monk for pindapat (each monk has his own pindapat route).

The novices went for pindapat for a few hours-  the novices together with the senior monk to led the pindapat continue to walk with their almsbowl filled with rice.


The novices were actually very tired- as they have not experienced the pindapat before. But they perservered to complete the pindapat. By the time when arrived back in the temple, the novices were too exhausted- they only asked for water- forgoing breakfast because they were too tired to eat.

It was touching to see that the novices, despite all being students at such a young age were very patient and resillient. They never complained about the weather (hot sun).

Khun Mae also constantly reminded them to contemplate that when we carry the almsbowl, we can put it down after pindapat. But how about our mothers who had to carry us for 9 months inside her stomach?  Even though we are growing heavier and heavier, she still carry us with love and care for us from the day we are conceived in her stomach till now. Khun Mae constantly emphasized on the importance of being grateful to one’s parents. To undergo temporary ordination and have the merits shared with our parents is something we should consider doing if we are able to take the time.

Below: At night, we had night chanting and the Phra helped the novices to learn more about chanting.

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