Ordination Dec 2012- Ordination Ceremony

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The ordination ceremony was held on 2 December 2012. Earlier, the 4 participating novices have shaved off their hair. The robes below are offerings to the new novices:


The guardian presenting the robes to each novice.

Luang Phor came to perform the ordination ceremony.

Above: The 4 novices reciting request for ordination.

Above: The 4 novices after wearing their new robes that was offered to them.

Above: The female 8 preceptors requesting the recitation of 8 precepts from Luang Phor.

We have gratitude to Luang Phor who took time from his busy schedule to come and perform the ordination for the novices.

The 4 novices who are all from Kota Kinabalu (คินาบาลูโก), Sabah, Malaysia (มาเลเซีย).

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