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We have invited monks to receive your dana item on Wesak Day, and thanks to your support, the contribution to all the 108 places have been fulfilled as of 21 April 2013.
All the monks that Khun Mae invited  are monks who have renounced for at least more than 3 years to 60  years.
You may refer to the table in the Donors’ List page under Ref A   to view and verify the listing.
Please assist to check to ensure the name is updated correctly. Do note the arrangements of the numbering may change as it is arranged according to country for easy reference. Do refer to this site on recent changes.

The file in the Donors’ List page supercedes earlier file versions:

  • Version 6 dated 25 April 2013 at 11pm
  • Version 5 dated 24April 2013 at 12am
  • Version 4 dated 22 April 2013 at 9.40pm
  • Version 3 dated 21 April 2013 at 11.44pm
  • Version 2 dated 21 April 2013 at 12.40pm
  • Version 1 dated 11 April 2013


Offering of fan and requisities to invited monks

Below is some pictures to explain to those who may be unsure for better understanding:
(Note: Photos are taken for illustration based on past events held in Samnak)
1. The fan and requisities are arranged in numbers from 1 to 100.

2. A donor/group offering for a monk would be assigned to a number. Generally the donor list is arranged according to countries (Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore) for easy reference and search. The number where the donor/group is assigned to is as per the listing highlighted in yellow above. In the picture example above, there is the number, the name of the donor in English and the corresponding name in Thai.

3. Donor/donor group to check on the spelling on the name. Some names were originally written in Mandarin and had been spelled to English. The corresponding pronounciation tone would be also included in Thai. This is so that the monk who is receiving the gift would be able to read the donor’s name.


4. For those who would like to contribute to sponsor gift and requisites to the invited monks, you may contribute towards the cost of purchasing the fan, requisites and lunch dana. The cost is about RM320 or about Singapore dollars 150. The names would be printed, together with pronounciation in Thai so that the monk who receive the gift would be able to read the donor(s) name.


5. If you are able to make it, then when you are doing the offering, calm your mind and then dedicate the merits to parents, family, friends, kammic debtors. For those who have contributed but unable to make it, do remember to rejoice and dedicate the merit.


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