23 May 2013- Releasing Fishes

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We visited a river in about an hour’s drive from Samadhidhammaram Centre to released shaved hair and to release live fishes, eels as well as to feed them.

The fishes and eels as well as a huge packet of fish feed were brought from the market area.

Below are transcribed from Khun Mae’s advise in Mandarin (apologies if there is any error):

Today, we come to this river and offer parts of our body (hair, nails)- may we meet with success in our endevours. Later today we are going to ordain. May this huge meritorious deed be dedicated to our parents, kammic debtors and spirits- wherever they are may they rejoice and be well and happy.

The hair (in the banana leave holder) is then placed in the water, and spread the flowers around while doing that to wish one ownself to be well and happy.  This is followed by releasing fish and then feeding the fishes in the river with fish food.

Khun Mae said that in the past some beings had been killed and thrown in this river- and as they see those in white 8 preceptor clothings coming to do merits, they would rejoice. Khun Mae asked us to transfer merits to them- to wish them well and happy as well as to transfer merits to our ancestors and parents.

This is followed by everyone repeating the verse 3 times:

我们的功德很吉祥 (三次)

愿你们快乐 (三次)

善在, 善在, 善在

My merits are good (3 times)

Let you be happy. May you be happy. (3 times)

Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.


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