Ordination 23 May 2013

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Prior to ordination, the ordination scripting had been prepared for novices and mae chees (nuns).  A monk from Wat Khlong Tan and Khun Mae also assisted in helping the soon to be novices and nuns to read through the scripts before the actual ceremony.

Ordination of novices and mae chees (nuns)

The Ordination was held in the afternoon of 23 May 2013 (23 พ.ค. พฤ.),  the day before Wesak day.


The preceptor is Luang Phor Soh Phon, the abbot of Wat Dhammachedi Sripiphat (หลวงพ่อ โสภณ สมุทรสาร  เจ้าอาส วัด ธรรมเจดีย์ฯ ศรีพิพัฒน์). Luang Phor is 84years old now and have been in the robes for 64 pangsa (rains retreat).


The soon-to-be-novices requesting for the going forth.


Luang Phor placed the shoulder cloth (amsa) on each soon-to-be novice. The novice then goes to change into the robes, with the kind assistance of invited monks from Wat Khlong Tan who assisted the novices in wearing their new robes.


Below: The soon-to-be novices, having worn their robes, request for the Refuge and the 10 Precepts and as Luang Phor recites the Refuge and Precepts, they repeated after Luang Phor. Luang Phor advised on the benefits of ordination and the frequent recollection of the person living the ordained life. After which, the ordination procedures is thus completed.


In total, there are 22 samaneras (novices) and 12 mae chees (nuns) who have undergone ordination during Wesak 2013.  Note: There were another 4 who ordained as novices by Luang Phor on Wesak Day as they were not able to arrive in time for this procedure.

After the novices, it is followed by the mae chis and 8 preceptors who recites as per the mae chees ordination script.


 Above: Group photo of Luang Phor with the novices.


Above: Group Photo of Luang Phor, Novices and Mae Chees.


Above: Group Photo consists from participants from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia (Sabah, Penang and Kuala Lumpur).

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