Construction of the Dhamma Wheel

Currently the Dhamma Wheel in Samadhidhammaram Centre (seen during Wesak 2013) is made of polysterene. Khun Mae has planned to arrange for the construction of a permanent Dhamma Wheel.

The Dhamma Wheel carries a very significant meaning in Buddhism and a good explanation of this can be found in Wikipedia:

In Buddhism, the parts of the dharmacakra also represent:
 Its overall shape is that of a circle (cakra), representing the perfection of the dharma teaching
 The hub stands for discipline, which is the essential core of meditation practice
 The rim, which holds the spokes, refers to mindfulness or samādhi which holds everything together
 Each spoke represents a portion of the Noble Eightfold Path including Right beliefs
 Right aspirations
 Right speech
 Right conduct
 Right livelihood
 Right effort
 Right mindfulness
 Right meditational attainment

DhammaWheel DhammaWheel-close

Above: Dhamma Wheel (polysterene) decorated with flowers in Samadhidhammaram Center during Wesak 2013

For those who wish to contribute towards to the part of the cost of constructing the Dhamma Wheel, you may contact Khun Mae directly or leave a comment below (your comment will not be published but we would reply via email). The Dhamma Wheel would be constructed using stuco materials-  the cost, including materials and workmanship is estimated to be about 200k baht (estimate about RM20k or almost Singapore $10k).

In Khun Mae’s temple in Lampang, the finished Dhamma Wheel is as per below:

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