December 2013 Ordination and Across 3 Temples 短期出家

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In the December 2013 (ธ.ค. 2556), temporary ordination was held in Khun Mae’s temple in Thailand. This time, it involves travelling to all of Khun Mae’s 3 temples in Thailand located in Bangkok, Lampang and Mae Hong Son.

You may view the program written before the event.

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The participants who have undergone temporary ordination and observing 8 precepts are as follows:


  • 2 persons from Singapore undergo temporary Bhikkhu/ monk ordination
  • 5 persons from Singapore and Malaysia undergo temporary ordination as novices (samaneras)
  • 3 persons (Thailand, Singapore and USA) undergo temporary ordination as nuns
  • Remaining from Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia observed 8 precepts


Monday 2 Dec 2013-อา. 1 ธ.ค 255612月-日(星期天)

  • Participants had their hair shaved. Bhikkhus and novices had their hair shaved by Kubah Sam. For nuns, the hair shaving were by Khun Mae and Mae Chi Phat.
  • At night, Kubah Sam and Khun Mae revised the ordination scripts with the participants: who are ordained as monk, novice and nuns.


Tue 3 Dec 2013- อ. 3 ธ.ค 255612月三日(星期二)- Ordination Ceremony at Wat Dhammachedi Sripiphat

  • Upon arrival, we pay respects to Luang Phor and then proceeded to the river to release the hair into the river. The monks at the monastery had kindly helped with the formal paperwork for the ordination.
  • Everyone had lunch at Wat Dhammachedi Sripiphat (วัด ธรรมเจดีย์ฯ ศรีพิพัฒน์)
  • After that, the ordination begin with participants and laypeople carrying offerings by circling 3 rounds clockwise chanting Salutation to the Triple Gem.
  • Ordination ceremony was performed at Wat Dhammachedi Sripiphat (วัด ธรรมเจดีย์ฯ ศรีพิพัฒน์) led by Luang Phor Soh Phon (หลวงพ่อ โสภณ สมุทรสาร)
  • Excerpt of the ordination video is updated in
  • Ordination is a very meritorious deed and after the ordination, sharing of merits was done. The video is uploaded here:

5 to 7 Dec 2013 (5- 7 ธ.ค 2556) 12月五日- 七日-  Samnak Wimuttidhammaram, Lampang สํๅนักวิมุตติธรรมๅรๅม , ลํๅปๅง

  • On 4 December 2013, we proceeded to travel to Samnak Wimuttidhammaram, Lampang สํๅนักวิมุตติธรรมๅรๅม , ลํๅปๅง. The monks and samaneras went via van while the rest of us travelled by bus. The group that travelled by bus arrived on 5 December 2013
  • 5 December 2013– After evening chanting, we proceeded to Brachod Sarerik Gathat佛牙塔 Buddha located at the back to chant the 108 Itipiso chant as gratitude to Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha and parents. 晚上 -上晚课。其中我们要诵“随念三宝”108遍来感恩佛,法,僧及父母。
  • 6 December 2013 – We release laterns “guang ming tern” 放光明灯 at night.
Releasing guang ming tern / laterns
  • 7 December 2013– We left early at about 7am to proceed to
    Samnak PattibatthamThongkhamnimit Dhammaram (山洞)in Mae Hong Son.  Travelling from the van would take about 3 hours (to arrive Chiang Mai) and another about 7 hours (from Chiang Mai to go to Mae Hong Son).


7- 10  Dec 2013 (7 – 10 ธ.ค 2556 )12月七日- 十日- Samnak Pattibattham Thongkhamnimit Dhammaram สํๅนัก ปฏฺบัติธรรม ทองคํๅนิมิตธรรมๅรๅม (Cave Temple)






Sat 14 Dec 201314 ธ.ค 255612月十四日(星期六)Voluntarily Leaving the Robes

  •  At 5.30am on 14 December 2013, we started chanting early in the morning and took a group photo together.
  • Later in the morning, the monks, novices and nuns who came for temporary ordination undergo the disrobing ceremony.
  • For the nuns, after Kubah gave the 5 precepts, the nuns took their kasa which is a symbolic gesture of having left nunhood.

Sadhu to the participants for being in the robes for more than 9 days (from 3 to 13 December 2013. We hope the practice has been fruitful to you and may you be able to apply the principals of the Buddha’s teachings when you return to lay life. May the merits of your ordination be dedicated to your parents, ancestors, devas, family, relatives, kammic debtors and beings who are able to receive the merits from this meritorious deed.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu Anumodami

萨突 萨突 萨突 啊怒莫塔弥

สาธุ สาธุ สาธุ อะนุโมทามิ




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