Wesak 卫塞节 2014

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20140513_a-groupphotos 20140513_a-groupphotos1

View original writeup of the Wesak 2014 Program.

In this event, participants from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand came to observe 8 precepts.

On 12 May 2014 (12 พ.ค. 2557), we had morning chanting.

20140512_a-morningchanting 20140512_b-clear-sky

This is followed by hair cutting and later releasing the hair, fish and eels to the river while making aspiration and transferance of merits of coming to practice and observe 8 precepts:

20140512_c-releasefish 20140512_d-releasefish

During the evening, we started with evening chanting, followed by practicing walking and sitting meditation taught by Khun Mae:

Evening chanting สวดมนต์:

20140512_e-nightchanting 20140512_f-nightchanting

Walking meditation practice การทำสมาธิเดิน:

20140512_h-walkingmeditation 20140512_g-walkingmeditation

Sitting meditation นั่งสมาธิ:


Vesak Day- 13  May 2014 (วันวิสาขบูชา 13 พ.ค. 2557).

Evening chanting during Vesak evening:

Wesak2014-eveningchanting2 Wesak2014-eveningchanting1

After evening chanting, we proceeded to perform the Visakha Puja to offer lights and flowers to the Buddha:

Wesak2014-offeringoflights Wesak2014-offeringoflights2

We went 3 rounds around the hall chanting Itipiso:

20140513_201113 20140513_201054 20140513_203329 20140513_202351

This is followed by subsequent chanting of qualities of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.


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