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Sadhu to donors who have donated to the purchase of the kutis for self-practice.


As of 1 June 2014, there are 9 kutis that have been purchased.

Donors Listing:

 1. From Penang
Lee Cheong On
Khoo Chooi Lean
(Dana from Seow Ping’s parents)

2. From Singapore
Lim Chan Ow
Ong Shew Wah
Ng Soy Siah
Lim Seow Yian
Huang Jun Wen
Huang Jun Peng
(Dana from Seow Yian and family)

3. From Singapore
Tan Lee Boon
Chan Swee Hoon
Tan Hui Min
Tan Le Sheng
(Dana from Joanne and family)

4. From Malaysia
Lew Ah Wah
Lim Peck See
Lew Chun Fei
Lew Yen Hang
Lew Chun Chuen
Lew Chun Yew

5. From Singapore
Ong Pang Lock

6. From Singapore
Tan Lay Choo

7. From Penang
Mei Ling’s friend
(pending obtain of name)

8. From Singapore
Goh Boon Gee
The final kuti consist of a mixture of contribution by followers from Malaysia and Singapore. Contribution also goes towards the building of walking paths, fan, toilet, water and electrical pipping.

Sadhu for your contribution. May this merit be transferred to your parents, family members, guardian devas, ancestors and kammic debtors.



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