Map to Ipoh Chinaraj Cave Temple

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There are a number of caves as well as cave temples in Ipoh. The temple below is known more to locals and it is not a tourist area. Below are the directions to the Cave Temple:

Location of the Ipoh Cave temple


Click on the picture above to enlarge.

1. From North South Highway, exit via Simpang Pulai toll.

2. Turn left after the toll at the traffic light to Gopeng.

3. Go straight for about 1.5km…. and then slow down when approaching a bridge.

Watch out for the signboard on the left that says “Kwong Fook Ngan” or “Kuil Sri Sivabunramaniar”.

ipohcave-signboardturnleft ipohcave-indiantemplesignboard

4. Turn left (under the highway)


and then in front of the Kwong Fook Ngan temple turn left:


Then go straight to end of the road.


Below is the entrance to the Ipoh Cave temple:

A picture inside the cave:



How to search via Google Maps or Waze:

But please use the landmarks provided above.

From North South highway, you need to turn in via Simpang Pulai exit. The temple does not have a specific name and hence it does not appear in the Waze or Google Maps search results. However, the temple is located next to Kuil Sri Siva Subramaniam Kg Kepayang and one would be able to find the temple by putting in the search words below:

maptoIpohcave-Waze maptoIpohcave-Googlemap
Waze Google Maps

Search using Kuil Sri Siva Subramaniam Kg Kepayang Ipoh.


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