Self Practice to Overcome Obstacles and Bad Kamma

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The objective is for us to come and have faith in our practice. To have faith to do good by observing the precepts. With sincerity and faith in practice, we would gain immense merits for us to transfer to departed beings/spirits. May they forgive and be willing to accept our merits. Through this, may they be free from suffering.

Many people perform acts of bad kamma for example killing or performing abortion. They may perform certain practices in hope of transferring the merits to help the departed. Some ladies who’ve had miscarriage or abortion in the past perform or pay for certain rituals in hope to enable the unborn to take better rebirth. However after doing that, they still feel that their hearts is not relieved or uncomfortable.

In every deed we do, we would need to take accountability. In order to really help the beings, one to dedicate one’s own heart and body to observe the precepts and perform self-practice. May the merits through our obervance the precepts with faith and purity be able to reach the departed beings. May beings whom we have wronged would forgive us and may they rejoice in the merits.

Aside from that, one can also dedicate one’s practice to parents, ancestors to any spirits/beings that had been related to us. May the merits acquired through our practice help to uplift them from unfavourable realm of birth.

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