December 2014 Ordination

Back to PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่ or Program Details of December 2014 Ordination Event /短期出家 2014年12月7日 至2014年12月18日


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8 December 2014: Participants prepare to shave their hair for the ordination event:

2014-12-hairshaving-monksandnovice 2014-12-Hairshavingnuns

Tumeric powder is applied to those who wishes to ordain as monks or novices.
Soon to be ordained monks and novices also practice to recite ordination scripting guided by Kubah Sam.


Requisites offered for ordination:

20141208_offerings1 20141208_offerings2 20141208_offerings3

9 Dec 14- Group photos before leaving to the temple for ordination:

9 Dec 14- Wat Dhammachedi ordination- the group brought offerings and circled the Ubosot (ordination hall) 3 times clockwise chanting Itipiso

2014-12-09-a-10 2014-12-09-a-18 2014-12-09-a-13

Group photo taken outside the Ubosot hall of Wat Dhammchedi before ordination:


9 Dec 14- Ubosot of Wat Dhammachedi where monks led by Luang Phor would be performing the ordination.

Event started with offerings of items to monks and novices, followed by monks and novices ordination.
After that, recitation to observe 8 precepts for nuns and 8 preceptors whereby a monk administered the obeservation of 8 precepts.
Transferance of merits is also done on this meritorious event.

2014-12-09-Ordinationevent1 2014-12-09-Ordinationevent2 2014-12-09-Ordinationevent3

Group photos taken outside Ubosot hall after ordination:


Practice consists of meditation,  chanting and morning almsround

Morning and evening chanting:

chanting1 chanting2


meditation1 meditation2

Morning almsround on various dates:

pindapat1 pindapat3 pindapat5

Visit to the Boathouse in Kanchanapuri:

11 Dec 14- After morning chanting and breakfast, the group get ready to leave to the boathouse located at Kachanapuri.

After about 3 hours plus drive we arrived at the destination. The boathouse is actually a water reservoir located up the hills in Kanchapuri.

We had our lunch on the boat upon arrival. In the evening, we started evening chanting.

After a short break, participants chant the Itipiso 108 times.

20141211_193430 20141211_193322 20141211_192416 20141212_001104

We had morning chanting as the sun was rising.
We left the boat after lunch.

20141212_070632 20141212_071410 20141212_071525

Group Photos taken on 15 December 2014:

20141215_084548 20141215_085152 20141215_085601

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