December 2014 Ipoh Cave Countdown Event

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You may view original writeup of the event here including objective of holding the event and schedule:  Year End Chanting Countdown in Ipoh Cave temple

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Buddha image located at shrine hall Buddha image located at shrine hall

Buddha Statue located at the Shrine Hall of the Ipoh Cave Temple.

2014-12-Groupphoto1 Above: Group Photo taken on 1 January 2014


Above: Group Photo taken earlier during the event.

2014-12-IpohCavetemple02a 2014-12-IpohCavetemple02b 2014-12-IpohCavetemple02c

Above: Photos of Khun Mae taken at the Cave Temple.

We are very grateful to Madam Wong (photo taken with Khun Mae, and in the middle on the photo above) – Madam Wong has been taking care of this temple for many years. Thanks to Madam Wong- it became possible for us to have the Year End Chanting event at Ipoh Cave Temple.

2014-12-mealtime1 2014-12-mealtime2

Above: Mealtime- thanks to Bro Ka Tong and Sis Sau Cheng for making the arrangements including food, chanting books, candles, necessary requisites  and logistics.

2014-12-Chanting-1 2014-12-Chanting-2 2014-12-Chanting-3 2014-12-Chanting-4 2014-12-Chanting-5

Above: Chanting held on 31 December 2014 until 1 January 2015.

31 January 2014- Evening chanting started from 7pm to about 9.30pm. This is followed by Countdown chanting Itipiso 108 times with other chants which started almost at 10pm on 31 Dec 14 and completed at about 3.30am on 1 January 2015. About 100 people participated in the Year End Countdown Chanting.

2014-12-lightingcandles01 2014-12-lightingcandles02 2014-12-lightingcandles03 2014-12-lightingcandles06 2014-12-lightingcandles042014-12-lightingcandles05

After the chanting, it is followed by lighting of candles for paying gratitude to Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

May the merits be shared with our parents,ancestors,  family, guardian devas and beings, kammic debtors and all beings. May they rejoice in the merits and be well and happy. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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