December 2014 Ipoh Cave Countdown Event

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Buddha image located at shrine hall Buddha image located at shrine hall

1 January 2015

2014-12-Groupphoto1 2014-12-Groupphoto2


2014-12-IpohCavetemple02a 2014-12-IpohCavetemple02b 2014-12-IpohCavetemple02c

We are very grateful to Madam Wong (photo taken with Khun Mae, and in the middle on the photo above) – Madam Wong has been taking care of this temple for many years. Thanks to Madam Wong- it became possible for us to have the Year End Chanting event at Ipoh Cave Temple.

2014-12-mealtime1 2014-12-mealtime2


2014-12-Chanting-1 2014-12-Chanting-2 2014-12-Chanting-3 2014-12-Chanting-4 2014-12-Chanting-5


2014-12-lightingcandles01 2014-12-lightingcandles02 2014-12-lightingcandles03 2014-12-lightingcandles06 2014-12-lightingcandles042014-12-lightingcandles05


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