Wesak 2015 Short Term Ordination

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This year, we have 5 participants undergoing temporary ordination as full fledged monks.



1 June 2015: Hair shaving & Wesak Lighting of Candles

Hair shaving

Items used for shaving consist of turmeric power, banana leaf (to place one’s hair and nails), a slip to write one’s own name. Not pictured here are shampoo (to wet the hair before shaving), razor (to shave hair) and tissues (to wipe off shampoo from eyes).


Hair shaving is performed by Kubah for all the participants:


After that, turmeric powder paste (the powder mixed with water) is rubbed towards the face, hands, body and legs. It symbolises removal of impurities and unwholesomeness….making a new beginning soon into the ordained life.


Later in the afternoon we travelled to a temple by the pier to release the shaved hair (placed in the banana leaf) and flowers. We also released live fishes and feed them.


At night on 1 June 2015, we begin with evening chanting. This is followed by lighting of candles with flowers and making aspiration….going clockwise around the hall 9 times chanting Itipiso:

lightingonWesak1June2015 1June15-Wesakpayingrespect



2 June 2015- Ordination Day

The 5 participants prepare for ordination by wearing the special white robes worn by those who are about to undergo ordination as a monk. Below is the photo taken before we left for the temple where the ordination is to be conducted.


We left for Wat Dhammachedi Siriphat in Sakhon Nakhon in the afternoon. Items that are being offered include Sanghadana (dana to the Sangha in the temple) as well as requisities for monks including almsbowl.


Upon arrival at the temple, lay person carried the offerings, followed by the 5 monks-to-be.  Prior to the ordination, we went clockwise around the Ubosot (ordination hall) chanting Itipiso:


A group photo was taken before the ordination:


After that, the 5 participants undergo the ordination in line with Dhammayut tradition:


Prior to this, participants have rehearsed the ordination scripting with the help and guidance of Kubah.

The ordination procedure took approximately about 4 hours as the participants were ordained separately in 2 batches.


Above: Photo taken after the ordination. Sadhu! Sadhu for the successful ordination procedure.

Due to unforseen circumstances, another participant could not join us for the bhikkhu ordination in time. He was however ordained separately by Luang Phor on 3 June 2015 as a novice. A detailed step by step ordination process for novice is outlined here.

Temporary Ordination Practice

Shown below is the ‘before’ photo of our participants:


And the ‘after’ photo.


Aside from daily morning and evening chanting, the bhikkhus also undergo almsround:


and have their meals from their almsbowl:


A guide on observance when receiving almsfood for monks has been written based on advice provided.

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