Temple Repair and Expenses

Sadhu to all supporters for your donation and contribution that goes towards the cost of repairing the temple. We would not be able to repair the temple had it not been for your generous donation.



When Samathidhammaram was build a few years ago, the base foundation was not dug deep enough (partly due to insufficient funding that time). Recently, it was noticed that cracks had started to appear in the tiles and it looked as though the area next to the river was caving in as the original foundation could no longer take the weight of the building.

temple-cracks1 temple-cracks2

If left for longer time, eventually the entire temple would cave inwards, bring the hall and Buddha statue along with it.


Original before repair

Therefore construction began to pile in a strong and duration foundation, with steel reinformed concreate stabs piled deep into the foundation of the earth.

templefoundation1 templefoundation2 templefoundation3

A part of the river was cleared of the water and a foundation with steel reinforced concrete was drilled deep inside. The area is to enable future to build kutis which rest on top of the water as well as enable any possible future extension. As currently it is the dry season, the waters are at low levels which enable easier draining of water in order for the cement foundation to be done.

river-foundation1 river-foundation2 river-foundation3 riverfoundation

Above: Photo taken on 13 July 2015 on the river concrete pillar foundation.


Above: Photo taken on 13 July 2015 on the concrete with steel reinforced stabs that have been placed on the temple foundation.

Note:  At the moment the construction is not yet complete but at least the foundation had been laid to ensure the structure would not cave in further.

Once again, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to your kind and generous donations to help make the construction possible to prevent caving in of the temple structure. Sadhu! Sadhu.

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