2015-12 December Ordination- Hair Shaving and Preparation

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1 Dec 2015 : Hair Shaving

Followed by rubbing with turmeric (kunyit powder):

It symbolises removal of impurities and that the participant is embarking on a newly ordained life.

Washing off the turmeric….like washing off impurities

The shaved hair placed on a banana leaf cutting. The same like what was practiced hundreds of years ago.

After that, participants pay respect to the Buddha before having their lunch.

Towards the evening, we went to a river located near Wat Raikhing at Nakhon Pathom to release the shaved hair, liberate the fishes as well as feed them. We managed to save a huge basket of live fishes which according to the fish seller were due to be killed the next day. We transfer merits:




2 December 2015:

Lunch dana at Wat Dhammachedi Sriphiphat. Offering to the aboot,  Luang Phor Soh Phon and the monks there.
Luang Phor and monks chanting transferance of merits after their meal:



After our lunch back at the temple, we proceeded again to Wat Dhammachedi Sriphiphat for the formal ordination event.


Lay supporters bringing offering items
We went 3 rounds clockwise at the ordination hall (ubosot) with offering items chanting Itipiso

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