2 December Ordination Ceremony

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The ordination was held in the afternoon of  2 Dec 2015 at the ordination hall (ubosot) in Wat Dhammachedi Sriphiphat, Samut Sakhon.

Preceptor is the abbot of the temple, Luang Phor Soh Phon.

Note: A similar page containing scripting of ordination with photos are also uploaded here (based on Wesak 2015 participants)



Upon arrival at the ubosot, we all pay respect to Luang Phor and monks who would be performing the ordination.

Our participants then present candles and lotus flower as a symbolic gesture to request for ordination.


Above: Lay persons offering robes to the participants who wishes to undergo ordination.




Above: The participants would then chant  to request for ordination (esahang bhante suciraparinibbutampi……).

Upacaya (Preceptor) would receive the set of robes and he will instruct the participant on the basic knowledge of the
Triple Gem and how he could benefit being ordained.

The Upacaya request the participant to commit memory 5 unattractive parts of the body :

  • kesa (hair of the head)
  • loma (hair of the body)
  • nakha (nails)
  • danta (teeth)
  • taco (skin)

….and repeat in reverse order.. taco, danta, nakha, loma, kesa.



Upacaya then takes the Amsa (shoulder cloth worn across the left shoulder) out of the set and puts over the applicant.

He then orders the applicant to go and put on the robes. A Bhikkhu leaves the assembly to help him to put on the robes.


Above:  After the applicant is attired in the monk robes, the applicant request for the 3 Refuges and the Precepts.

The request is repeated 3 times.

The Acariya (teacher) then place the customary fan in front of him and reads the Refuges and Precepts in which the applicant repeats after the Acariya.


The applicant then turns to receive the almsbowl offered by lay supporters


After receiving the almsbowl, the applicant, now a Samanera first (before ordained as a Bhikkhu) then joined hands in respective gesture and chant to request for dependence.

The Upacaya then tells the applicant that it is time for the Sangha to accept him into the order as a Bhikkhu.

The Samanera’s Pali ordained name would be mentioned. Also the Pali names of a Bhikku’s requisities such as the bowl and robes are to be memorized by the Samanera.

The Acariya who is appointed to make the formal Announcement puts the sling of the bowl crosswise on the Samanera’s left shoulders in such a way that the bowl hangs behind the Samanera.
He then recites the Pali names of the 3 robes and almsbowl.


Above: Clockwise from top left:

  • Touching on the bowl, the Acariya asked ‘is this your almsbowl‘? Samanera says Ama Bhante “meaning yes”.
  • Touching on the outer robe, the Acariya asked ‘is this your outer robe‘? Samanera says Ama Bhante “meaning yes”.
  • Touching on the upper robe, the Acariya asked ‘is this your upper robe‘? Samanera says Ama Bhante “meaning yes”.
  • Touching on the under robe, the Acariya asked ‘is this your under robe‘? Samanera says Ama Bhante “meaning yes”.

The Acariya then request the Samanera to go to a prepared place and stand there.



Above: The Acariya would inform the Sangha (assembly of monks there) on the examination of the applicant outside the Sangha.

2 Acariyas would go to the cloth spread out for him to examine the applicant outside the Sangha, asking him a series of questions.

After which, the Acariyas would proceed back to the assembly to report the findings.

The Acariya then turns to the applicant and calls him to go to the assembly.


The applicant then proceed to pay respect 3 times and request for acceptance (upasampada).

It is now for examination of the participants inside the Sangha (within the assembly of the Preceptor, Acariyas and monks present) with the same questions asked earlier.



After the process of examination, the Acariya then chants the Motion and Announcement to the Sangha, stating that the participant is free from
obstructing circumstances and reads out the name of the Preceptor.

The applicants are now accepted as Bhikkhu.



Lay persons perform offering of items to the temple and monks.


Above: The ordination process concludes with transferance of merits.


Acariyas and senior monks also provided some advise to the newly ordained bhikkhus.


Recap: “Before” and “after”:


Before hair shaving- as laypersons.


Before ordination- as 8 preceptors


After ordination as bhikkhus

Sadhu! Sadhu! Anumodani.

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