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During this program, we have 14 participants who underwent ordination as monks (7 from Sri Lanka, 1 from Australia and 6 from Singapore). There are 2 ladies who would undergo temporary ordination as nun (1 from Sri Lanka and one from Singapore).

18 May 2016: Before Ordination

Hair shaving for participants who wishes to ordain as monks.

2016-05-18-01Hairshaving 2016-05-18-02Hairshaving

After hair shaving, turmeric powder is rubbed to the body.
It is to remove the impurities and unwholesomeness.
Each participant would be embarking on a new journey leaving whatever that is no good behind.



After lunch, we visited Khun Mae’s mother.
Our Sri Lankan friends presenting a token to Khun Mae’s mother.
Khun Mae mentioned to us to reflect on our parents during ordination.
Seeing Khun Mae’s mother is like seeing our mother and for us to dedicate the wholesome merits of ordination to our beloved mothers.

20160518_160655 20160518_161843


In the evening we made a trip to a temple by the riverside to release shaved hair into the river:



19 May 16- Ordination Day

This year the ordination event is held at Wat Klong Tan, Samut Sakhon.

We went around the ubosot (Ordination hall) for 3 rounds clockwise chanting Itipiso.





After that, we proceeded to the ordination hall.
Robes were being offered by the participants’ family members. If the family members were not
present, there were representatives to offer the robes.


With the robes at hand, the participants pay respect to the Upacaya, the Acariyas and senior monks.
They begin by requesting for the going forth with the Upacaya.


The Upacaya then advised that as the participants are here to ordain, one should ensure one
practices the teaching properly. He said that we must have faith as the Buddha had taught us that
we must have sila (morality), samadhi (concentration/ calmness)

The Upacaya puts on the shoulder cloth for the participants:


Senior monks also left the assembly to assist the participants to put on their robes:


The participants also undergo the ordination event as per the ordination procedures.



Participants are also have to answer questions posed by the Acariyas:


The participants are accepted into the bhikkhus order:


This is followed by transference of merits and offering of requisites (fan) to the temple:



Sadhu to our participants on successfully completing the ordination.


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