December 2016 Chanting Countdown at Ipoh Cave

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Chanting Countdown at Ipoh Cave (29 December 2016- 1 January 2017)







2016-12-IpohCaveChanting-004 2016-12-IpohCaveChanting-005 2016-12-IpohCaveChanting-006



2016-12-IpohCaveChanting-008 2016-12-IpohCaveChanting-010


2016-12-IpohCaveChanting-011 2016-12-IpohCaveChanting-012

We are very grateful to Madam Wong who has been taking care of this temple for many years. Thanks to Madam Wong- it became possible for us to have the Year End Chanting event at Ipoh Cave Temple. Our gratitude also goes out to Bro Ka Tong,  Sis Sau Cheng and friends for making the arrangements including food, chanting books, candles, necessary requisites  and logistics. Sadhu! Sadhu!

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