December 2017 Ordination- Group Photos

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5 Dec 2017 After hair shaving

6 Dec 17- Photo taken before ordination event

6 Dec 2017- Photo taken outside the ordination hall (ubosot) of Wat Khlong Tan

6 Dec 17- Photo taken at the ordination hall after the ordination procedure has been successfully completed (Sadhu!)

6 Dec 17- Photo taken outside ordination hall

9 Dec 17- Photo taken outside Nakhon Pathom Chedi before morning almsround near the temple area

Above: Group photo of the monks taken on 14 Dec 17.

Above: Bhikkhu Apibvaro

Above: Bhikkhu Chantasaro

Above: Bhikkhu Tamasaro

Above: Bhikkhu Kantakviro

Above: Bhikkhu Thammavaro

Above: Bhikkhu Jakkavaro

Above: Photo of the nuns


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