Wesak 2019- Taking leave of the robes

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After remaining slightly more than 9 days in the robes, it is time for the participants to take leave from the robes and return to lay life.

At 4am, the bell is rung for all to get ready for morning chanting. We started morning chanting at 5am.

Morning chanting


last morning chanting

This is followed by abad, confessions and asking for forgiveness before taking leave of the robes.

Asking for forgiveness

After 6am, participants then started to take leave of the robes:

Taking leave of the robes

This is followed by the novice monk and the nuns:

The group then request for taking refuge in the Triple Gem and 5 Precepts:

Chanting 5 precepts

After taking leave of the robes, the participants expressed their gratitude to Khun Mae:

Group photos taken after the ceremony:

Group photo on 27 May 2019 Group photo on 27 May 2019

This concludes the end of this meaning event.

May the merits earned from this event, from those who come to undergo ordination, to those who helped out tirelessly behind the scenes….be shared with your parents, family members, ancestors, devas and kammic creditors. May all your obstacles cease and may you be well and happy. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! Anumodami.

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