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We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the kind supporters, many who were not able to make it to this trip but contributed donations as well as your encouragement to enable us to purchase the monks requisities, preceptor clothings, construction of additional rooms, building materials, food, drinks and daily use items. Sadhu! Sadhu!

During this ordination event, it is very touching as many who originally came just as participants work as a team to help out the best that they can, making this event to be truly meaningful.

Each day after breakfast, the monks would be working swiftly to set up the hall for lunch dana offerings where they would place their seats and almsbowl neatly.

Teamwork Wesak 2019

Above: Each day after lunch, monks would be seen immediately clearing up, sweeping and mopping the main shrine hall. The shrine hall is kept clean and spotless.

By early evening, monks and participants would be seen placing chanting books, tables and seats for evening chanting.


We are very grateful to the male kappiahs who helped out tirelessly to serve the 21 monks and novice monk. All the kappiahs had previously ordained as monks during our past temporary ordination programs, hence they have the experience and knowledge of their roles. Some of them have been coming back to help us in past events as well.

Each day, the kappiahs would serve food and drinks to the monks.

For food, we initially arranged for hired cooks and later ordering dishes. After about 2 days, a group of ladies who came from Ipoh offered to prepare breakfast and later lunch for everyone:

Teamwork Wesak 2019

The ladies worked tirelessly- working till the night to prepare the food and then waking up at 4am to cook breakfast for everyone. After that, they offered to help to cook lunch.

Many people helped out in the preparation of food, ranging preparing the vegetables and meat to fruits and desserts.

A lay preceptor also bake cakes, bread, paus and jellies.


Others would prepare the serving table and to prepare to serve the food.

After meal time, there are enormous amount of washing to be done. The enormous amount of bowls, plates, eating utensils, pots and pans after the meal preparation and meal are not left to pile up but instead are quickly being washed, wiped and neatly kept.

And not forgetting Hui Chong, who helped out during each session to lead the Mandarin translation of the chants:

Translating chants into Mandarin

And Siew Lee arrived from Singapore before the event to help with the sewing and repair of robes.

May you be well and happy always and may you be successful in your wholesome aspirations. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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