2. Pra Bud Patimahkon Brachod Sarerik Gathat

Pra Bud Patimahkon Brachod Sarerik Gathat means that the Buddha statue contains Buddha relics.

Pra Bud Patimahkon Brachod Sarerik Gathat意即装有舍弥子的佛像。

You would have noticed that there is a lower ground- it consists of a small room.  Khun Mae have constructed the area with the aim to provide the opportunity for us to practice meditation without interruption.  This is also known as one of the kamathana practice in the Thai forest tradition- where one person stays alone to practice chanting and meditation. We will not need to worry about helping out in the Samnak- and is given the time and opportunity to practice in a very peaceful environment undisturbed.

The outer area has a lot of trees for us to practice sitting meditation and a circular walking path for walking meditation. We can choose to do walking meditation at the circular path, followed by sitting meditation under the umbrella tents (set up under the trees). We can choose to stay up all night and alternate between walking and sitting meditation.

您会看到有一层在地下,这是个小房间,Khun Mae特别设计来给我们禅修用,可以不受外界干扰。这亦是泰国的修行传统,即一个人独处自行念经和禅修。在这小房间里,不需要干Samnak的各项工作,可以安静的修行。



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