14 August 2019 Ullambana Maha Sanghadana Event (Hungry Ghost Festival) 庆祝盂兰盆节


We would be organising Maha Sanghadana offering on 14 August 2019 in Lampang, North Thailand.

Update: Please view photos of the event.

Let us come and have faith in our practice. To have faith to go good by observing the precepts (Sila), cultivation (Samadhi) and wisdom (Panna). With sincerity and faith in our practice of Sila, Samadhi and Panna, we would gain immense merits for us to transfer to departed beings / spirits. May they forgive and be willing to accept our merits. Through this, may they be free from suffering.

In every deed we do, we would need to take accountability. In order to really help the beings, one to develop one’s faith and purify one’s own heart and body by observance of the precepts, cultivation and wisdom  that would enable the merits to reach the departed beings. May they be able to overcome their suffering. If we have wronged them, may they accept our dedication of merits and be able to forgive us.

Aside from that, one can also dedicate one’s practice to parents, ancestors to any spirits /beings that had been related to us. May the merits acquired through our practice help to uplift them from unfavourable realm of birth.

禅定寺将在北方泰国于(Lampang) (8月14日) 举办盂兰盆法会,


Update: 照片 (photos).

主要目的是让信徒及修行者自愿来到禅定诗受持五或八戒 感恩佛,感恩法,感恩僧。
我们感恩父母,祖先,天神,。我们恭请佛陀的威德力与佛光的照耀在宇宙打开三界(天界,人间,地狱) 愿请我们已故的祖先,亲属,非人,亡灵,冤亲债主都聚集在这里,接受我们供养的功德。


The indicative program is as follows:

14th August 2019 (Wednesday)

06:00am Morning Chanting
早课 – 诵经
07:00am Breakfast
08:24am We pray in gratitude to the Deities
09:09am We invite Monks to commence the auspicious chanting and our offering
邀请僧人诵经, 接受供品
11:00am Offering of food to the Invited Monks

Note:1. Amount to contribute per monk (Maha Sanghadana) will be S$200.00 / RM500.00
Those who did not arrange for Maha Sanghadana (Individual) can contribute together with Khun Mae–any amount would for this purpose
备注 1. 每一位供僧的费用是S$200.00 / RM500.00。 同时我们也接
受随缘 的捐助,将妥善安排这些款项供养僧人。

Flight arrangements:

  • 12 August 2019: Participants who arrive on 12 August 2019 and earlier would first stay at a hotel in Chiang Mai. Pickup will be arrange to pick up participants from Chiang Mai International Airport to the hotel
  • 13 August 2019: The group would travel by van to Khun Mae’s temple in Lampang. For those who are only able to arrive on 13 August, the van would pick you from Chiang Mai airport to go to the temple.
  • 15 August 2019: If the returning flight is on 15 August, the participant would need to depart from the temple on the afternoon of 14 August 2019 and would stay overnight at a hotel in Chiang Mai.
  • 16 August 2019 onwards: For those who are going back later (ie 16 or 17 August 2019), arrangements would be made to visit some temples in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.


Contact Persons:

If you would like to participate in this event or obtain more information, you may contact the following persons:

Country联络电话及负责人 Contact person(s):
  • Khun Mae directly at +6681 918 3237 (converse in Thai & Mandarin) (以泰语或华语沟通)
  • Mae Chee Yin +6012 2206899(WhatApps only)
Singapore 新加坡
  • Xiao Yan 小燕 +65 98442199
Malaysia马来西亚/ Other Countries
  • Mae Chee Yin +6012 2206899 (WhatApps)


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