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Maha Sanghadana 29 August 2019 (Samut Sakhon)

Maha Sanghadana 29 August 2019

Back to Events/ 29 August 2019 Ullambana Maha Sanghadana Event (Hungry Ghost Festival) The Maha Sanghadana Event was held on 29 August 2019. Preparation 27 August 2019: The offering items are being prepared and laid out in the shrine hall.   Above are the items that would be included in the offering of requisites to monks. Above [...]

Maha Sanghadana 14 August 2019 (Lampang)

14 August 2019 Maha Sanghadana Event

Back to Events/ 14 August 2019 Ullambana Maha Sanghadana Event (Hungry Ghost Festival) On 14 August 2019, we offered Maha Sanghadana to 111 invited monks in Samnak Wimuthidhammaram in Lampang. Preparation and set up Preparation tasks actually began weeks before this event. On 13 August 2019, through the help of supporters, the offering items are [...]

Wesak 2019 Ordination Photos

Back to Events Main Page/ Wesak 2019 Event Writeup The temporary ordination program is held from 17 May 2019 to 27 May 2019. Please click on the picture or the album link to view more photos. Album 1: Preparation (click to view photos)   Album 2: Ordination (17 May 2019) Album 3 :  Compilation of [...]

August 2018 Maha Sanghadana Photos

For those who wish to view the upcoming Maha Sanghadana Event on 29 August 2019, please go to this link Below is the update of the Maha Sanghadana event that was organized in 2018: Back to August 2018 Ullambana Festival(Hungry Ghost Festival) 庆祝盂兰盆节 In conjunction with the Ullambana Festival 庆祝盂兰盆节, a Mahasangha Dana is organized by Samathidhammaram [...]

December 2017 Ordination

SAMATHIDHAMMARAM CENTRE TEMPORARY ORDINATION PROGRAMME   Participants Preparation for donation items to hospital Hair Shaving Visiting Ban Phaeo Hospital to offer donations of items to staff and patients Releasing shaven hair and liberation of life fish into the river       >>> CLICK TO VIEW PHOTOS<<<<   Photos of ordination on 6 December 2017 [...]

Wesak 2017 Ordination Event

You are at PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่/ Wesak 2017 Temporary Ordination Program> Photos- Main Page   Click on the image below to view(请点击图请看照片)…          

December 2016 Chanting Countdown at Ipoh Cave

Back to PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่/ Events Photos below were taken from the Year End Chanting held at Ipoh Cave from 29 Dec 16 to  1 Jan 17: Participants started to arrive from 28 Dec 2016. There was daily morning chanting at 5am and evening chanting at 5pm. – –     Above: Candles were prepared for the participants. [...]

December 2016 Ordination Event

Back to PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่/ Events Following are group photos taken from the Year End Temporary Ordination (29Nov- 10 Dec 16)   Please click on the pictures below to view MORE photos contained inside the album (请点击查看照片)…..   PHOTO OF PARTICIPANTS (参与者的个人照片)  click on picture above to go to album  NOVICE ORDINATION ALBUM (沙弥出家专辑)   click on picture [...]

Wesak 2016 Ordination Event

Back to PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่/ Events Following are group photos taken from the Wesak 2016 Temporary Ordination (17- 29 May 16) Please click on respective albums to view the photos taken during the Wesak (Vesak) 2016 event: PART 1: PART 2:   PART 3: GROUP PHOTOS   –

Mahasanghadana Event 20 Mar 16

Back to PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่/ Events Below are photos taken on the Sanghadana (Offering Requisites and Lunch) on 20 March 2016. In total 106 monks attended the event. This event would not have been possible without your kind support. Sadhu! Sadhu!  Note: Click on the photo to view the enlarged version. Preparation:  Requisites offerings to invited monks: The [...]