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December 2015 Ordination Event

Back to Events You may also view the following sub sections related to the December 2015 ordination event: Group Photos from the Ordination Event:   From left: Bhikkhu Takpaksampanno, Bhikkhu Takpaksilo, Bhikkhu Kaktaktipo and Bhikkhu Aktitjittoh      

March 2015- Khun Mae’s Father Passed Away

We would like to notify that Khun Mae’s father, Mr Siri Katekaew has passed away peacefully on 25 March 2015 at about 12.45pm. He was 83 years old. Cremation ceremony was held on 1 April 2015.   Above: 29 March 15- Monks were invited to perform chanting. Above: Offerings of robes to monks on the cremation [...]

Sanghadana February 2015

Back to Events Sanghadana 1 February 2015 (Lunch and requisities offering to 96 monks)   1 February 2015 Chanting and dana offering to monks   Chanting and transferance of merits          

December 2014 Ipoh Cave Countdown Event

Back to Events 1 January 2015   We are very grateful to Madam Wong (photo taken with Khun Mae, and in the middle on the photo above) – Madam Wong has been taking care of this temple for many years. Thanks to Madam Wong- it became possible for us to have the Year End Chanting event [...]

December 2014 Ordination

Back to Events 8 December 2014: Requisites offered for ordination: 9 Dec 14:   Group photos taken outside Ubosot hall after ordination: Morning and evening chanting: Meditation: Morning almsround on various dates: Kanchanapuri (11 Dec 2014):   Group Photos taken on 15 December 2014: –

Samnak 10 Year Anniversary 2010

Back to Events 事件 Samnak 10 year Anniversary Event (May to June 2010) Venue: Samnak Wimuttidhammaram, Lampang สํๅนักวิมุตติธรรมๅรๅม , ลํๅปๅง Preparation- 26 May 2010 Morning of Wesak- 27 May 2010 27 May 2010- Blessing Event 27 May 2010- Blessing Event part 2 Group Photos Official Opening Ceremony of the Cave —   

Wesak 卫塞节 2011

Back to  Events 事件 Short Term Ordination Period from 14th – 25th May 2011 Venue: Samnak Wimuttidhammaram, Lampang สํๅนักวิมุตติธรรมๅรๅม , ลํๅปๅง Before Wesak Ordination by Luang Phor Wesak Day: Morning Pindapat (Almsround) Wesak Day: Night Time Chanting and Walking Meditation Evening Walking Meditation & Special Chanting Morning Almsround Group Photos Taken Together Taking Leave from [...]