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Sanghadana February 2015

Back to PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่ Below is a Sanghadana offerings on 1 Feb 2015 which would involve offering requisites and lunch dana for about 96 monks. The entire expense is on sharing basis from the kind support that Khun Mae has received and these offerings are dedicated to all our parents’ as well. Thank you to those [...]

December 2015 Ordination Event

Back to PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่  You may also view the following sub sections related to the December 2015 ordination event: or view Writeup/ Announcement on this event / 短期出家   Group Photos from the Ordination Event: (please click on the photo to enlarge)  Above: 1 Dec 2015- Photos of participants taken before hair shaving.  Above: 1 Dec 2015- Photos of [...]

Sept 2015- Hungry Ghost Festival 盂兰节 Program

Khun Mae wishes to sincerely thank donors and supporters for making this event a successful one. Sadhu for your contribution and for the assistance provided by those who were present in the event. Back to 9 September 2015 Hungry Ghost Festival Offerings 庆祝盂兰盆节 Below are the photos taken on the Hungry Ghost Event offering.   [...]

Wesak 2015 Short Term Ordination

Back to  PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่ or the Vesak 2015 Ordination Program 短期出家 (30 May- 12 June) This year, we have 5 participants undergoing temporary ordination as full fledged monks.   1 June 2015: Hair shaving & Wesak Lighting of Candles Hair shaving Items used for shaving consist of turmeric power, banana leaf (to place one’s hair and [...]

March 2015- Khun Mae’s Father Passed Away

Created on 27 March 2015, last update 2  June 15 We would like to notify that Khun Mae’s father, Mr Siri Katekaew has passed away peacefully on 25 March 2015 at about 12.45pm. He was 83 years old. Cremation ceremony would be held on 1 April 2015.   Above: 29 March 15- Monks were invited to perform chanting. [...]

December 2014 Ipoh Cave Countdown Event

Back to  PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่ You may view original writeup of the event here including objective of holding the event and schedule:  Year End Chanting Countdown in Ipoh Cave temple Note: Click on the images below to enlarge… Buddha Statue located at the Shrine Hall of the Ipoh Cave Temple.  Above: Group Photo taken on 1 January [...]

December 2014 Ordination

Back to PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่ or Program Details of December 2014 Ordination Event /短期出家 2014年12月7日 至2014年12月18日   Please click on each picture to enlarge (请点击放大图片) 8 December 2014: Participants prepare to shave their hair for the ordination event: Tumeric powder is applied to those who wishes to ordain as monks or novices. Soon to be ordained monks and [...]

Samnak 10 Year Anniversary 2010

Back to PhotoGallery / Events 事件 Samnak 10 year Anniversary Event (May to June 2010) Venue: Samnak Wimuttidhammaram, Lampang สํๅนักวิมุตติธรรมๅรๅม , ลํๅปๅง Preparation- 26 May 2010 Morning of Wesak- 27 May 2010 27 May 2010- Blessing Event 27 May 2010- Blessing Event part 2 Group Photos Official Opening Ceremony of the Cave —   

Wesak 卫塞节 2011

Back to PhotoGallery / Events 事件 Short Term Ordination Period from 14th – 25th May 2011 Venue: Samnak Wimuttidhammaram, Lampang สํๅนักวิมุตติธรรมๅรๅม , ลํๅปๅง Original Writeup Before Wesak Ordination by Luang Phor Wesak Day: Morning Pindapat (Almsround) Wesak Day: Night Time Chanting and Walking Meditation Dhamma Talk and Sharing by Novices Evening Walking Meditation & Special [...]

August 2014- Hungry Ghost Festival 盂兰节 Program

Back to PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่ / August 2014- Hungry Ghost Festival 盂兰节 Program Here are the photos taken during the event held in August 2014: Click on the links below to view photos: Chanting and Meditation Offerings to Monks on 24 August 2014 Sharing and Visit to Monks Hospital on 25 August 2014