Back to Chanting Main Page Tiratana Vandanā Salutation to The Three Jewels 随念三宝 Itipi so bhagavā arahaṁ sammā-sambuddho He is indeed the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the Rightly Self-awakened One, 世尊是如此,已远离尘垢,断尽无明烦恼的阿罗汉,自证成正等正觉, Vijjā-caranā-sampanno sugato lokavidū consummate in knowledge & conduct, one who has gone the good way,  knower of the cosmos, 明行具足者、善逝、世间解、 Anuttaro purisa-damma-sārathi satthā [...]

Saṅkhārā Paccavekkhaṇa 因缘和合法(行)之审查

Back to Chanting Main Page Saṅkhārā Paccavekkhaṇa Contemplation of the Nature of Life 因缘和合法(行)之审查  Leader: Handa mayaṁ saṅkhārā paccavekkhaṇapāṭhaṁ bhaṇāma se Let us now recite the passage to contemplate on the impermanent nature of life. 现在让我们诵念因缘和合法(行)之审查 (ALL, 全体): Sabbe saṅkhārā aniccā, sabbe saṅkhārā dukkhā, sabbe dhammā anatta Saṅkhara (formations) are mind-body, all material and mental [...]

Request for Refuge and 5 precepts

Back to Chanting Main Page This is chanted by the layperson who wishes to request for the Three Refuges and Five Precepts. Ārādhanā Tisaraṇa Pañcasīla Request for the Three Refuges and the Five Precepts 求授三皈五戒文   Mayaṁ1 bhante, (visuṁ visuṁ rakkhaṇatthāya) tisaraṇena saha pañca sīlāni yācāma1 Venerable Sir, I (we) request the Three Refuges & [...]

Scripts & Books Download

The following chanting books can be downloaded from here: Book/ Chanting book Language Navakovada- Instructions for Newly Ordained Bhikkhus and Samaneras English 75 Monastic Rules to be observed by Novices English Thai-Pali Chanting Book Pali & Thai ภาษาไทย Pali-Thai-English Chanting Book Pali & English Comprehensive English-Mandarin Pali Chanting Book English & Mandarin 华语 Pali-Mandarin Chanting [...]

Dhamma-cakkappavattana Sutta 转法轮经

Back to Pali Chanting/ Audio Recordings Introduction of Dhammacakkapavatana Sutta导言: For seven weeks immediately following the enlightenment, the Buddha spent his time in lonely retreat. At the close of this period he decided to proclaim the doctrine (dhamma) he had realized to those five ascetics who were once struggling with him for enlightenment. Knowing that [...]

Benefits of Chanting

Some of the benefits from chanting are :- 诵经的益处:- 1. One’s mind is calmed down and becomes concentrated 心念安住在经文上,散乱的心就不容易产生。 2. One’s mind becomes sharper because of better concentration 保持正念,可以提高警觉心。 3. One’s mind is trained by directing it to each word and reflecting on its meaning 伏身心而能明辨是非与善恶,利害与得失。 4. Wisdom is developed which leads on to deep [...]

Chanting Blessing

As monks/novices/nuns, you would receive offerings from lay persons. Upon receiving the offerings, the blessing (anumodana) is chanted. This is chanted during offering of meals, food, requisites and during almsround. Another way of beginning the Anumodanā which is common 常用之祝福文(二) Sabbarogavinimutto sabbasantāpavajjito May you be freed from all diseases, may all distresses be averted, 远离一切的疾病,从一切的悲痛中解脱出来。 [...]

Self Practice during Wesak Day

Khun Mae mentioned that for those who are not able to make it on Wesak day, they can perform self practice at home. This year, being almost 2600 years of the Buddha sasana- therefore Khun Mae advised that for those who cannot make it, make time to practice at home on that day. It is not the place, [...]


Back to Chanting Main Page Tirokuḍḍakaṇḍa-gāthā Verses on the “Outside the Wall” (excerpt) 尸外偈 view video in YouTube: Read also the Commentary on Tirokuddanakanda Suttam which  explains the significance of transferring merits Transcript: Adāsi me akāsi me ñāti mittā sakhā ca me; “He gave to me, she acted on my behalf, they were my relatives, [...]

Verses of True and Excellent Refuge

Back to Chanting Main Page Khemākhema saraṇagamana paridīpikā-gāthā Passage on True and Excellent Refuge 安稳皈依偈 (最上皈依偈) Audio chant:  or watch the video uploaded in YouTube: Transcript of the chant: Handa mayaṁ khemākhema saraṇagamana paridīpikā gāthāyo bhaṇāma se Let us now recite the passages on true and excellent refuge 现在让我们来诵念安稳 (最上) 皈依偈 (ALL, 全体): Bahuṁ ve [...]