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Wesak 2019- Taking leave of the robes

Back to Events> Wesak 2019 Ordination Photos Main Page After remaining slightly more than 9 days in the robes, it is time for the participants to take leave from the robes and return to lay life. At 4am, the bell is rung for all to get ready for morning chanting. We started morning chanting at 5am.   [...]

Wesak 2019- Ordained Life


Back to Events> Wesak 2019 Ordination Photos Main Page Morning and evening chanting At 4pm, the bell would be rung. By 5am, the group would gather at the shrine hall for morning chanting. In the evening, chanting would begin at about 7pm. There are also a short session on meditation sitting after chanting on certain days. On [...]

Wesak 2019- Group Outing

Back to Events> Wesak 2019 Ordination Photos Main Page Here are the pictures taken during group outings to Phra Nakhon Pathom Chedi (20 May 2019) and Wat Tha Sung (24 May 2019). More pictures will be added soon…. 20 May 2019: Visit to Phra Nakhon Pathom Chedi: With candles, jossticks and lotus flowers we climbed the stairs [...]

Wesak 2019- Tribute to your kind contribution

Back to Events> Wesak 2019 Ordination Photos Main Page We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the kind supporters, many who were not able to make it to this trip but contributed donations as well as your encouragement to enable us to purchase the monks requisities, preceptor clothings, construction of additional rooms, building materials, food, [...]

Wesak 2019 Group Photos

You are at  Events Main Page > Wesak 2019 Ordination Photos Main Page. Group Photos taken throughout the ordination event: Here are group photos taken throughout the event: More photos in stages as more group photos are being taken: 17 May 2019: Group photo before going to the ordination: 17 May 2019- Photo taken outside the ordination [...]

Wesak 2019- Ordination

Back to Events> Wesak 2019 Ordination Photos Main Page The ordination for 21 monks were performed on 17 May 2019 at Wat Khlong Tan, Samut Sakhon at about 6am in the morning. Above: Group photo taken before leaving the temple for ordination. The participants and the group arrived at Wat Khlong Tan before 6am in the [...]

August 2018 Maha Sanghadana Photos

In conjunction with the Ullambana Festival 庆祝盂兰盆节, a Mahasangha Dana is organized by Samathidhammaram Centre on Saturday, 25 August 2018. The event has received overwhelming response with more than 300 donors who are sponsoring the monks and other donors who offer support for the event. Morning session consists of Sanghadana and offering of lunch to [...]

December 2017 Ordination- Group Photos

You are at Events> Photos of December Ordination Event Main> Group Photos 5 Dec 2017 After hair shaving 6 Dec 17- Photo taken before ordination event 6 Dec 2017- Photo taken outside the ordination hall (ubosot) of Wat Khlong Tan 6 Dec 17- Photo taken at the ordination hall after the ordination procedure has been successfully completed [...]

December Ordination Photos Part 2

You are at Events> Photos of December Ordination Event Main> Ordination Photos Part 2 11 & 12 December 2017- Outing Trip            The group stayed overnight at a simple lodging at Pasak Jolasit Dam  (在Pasak Julasit Dam 过夜)   Above: Sunrise at Pasak Jolasit Dam