Short Term Ordination- Morning Almsround

The temporary ordained samaneras and nuns went for their almsround. Many of those who went for almsround were moved by the experience as most of them have never been through something quite like this before.

Wesak 2019- Preparation

Preparation for ordination

Back to Events> Wesak 2019 Ordination Photos Main Page 15 May 2019- Hair shaving Hair shaving for monks/ novice: Hair shaving for all the participants who would be ordaining as monks and novice was conducted by Kubah on 15 May 2019. Here are the pictures of some of the participants: Hair shaving for nuns Khun Mae [...]

Contributors List

Sadhu to all the contributors as follows. Listing consist from KK and Ipoh donors (KL and Singapore donors not updated yet) Last update: 16 August 2018 Date Location Name Amount 12 Jul 18 KK Ong Nyuk Fung (KK) RM500 14 Jul 18 Ipoh Lee Khai Wen RM200 15 Jul 18 Ipoh Yu Ching Mei 尤敬梅 RM500 [...]

10 May 2017-Wesak Day Photos

Back to PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่/ Wesak 2017 Temporary Ordination Program> Photos- Main Page    WESAK DAY 10 MAY 2017 at Samathidhammaram Centre The monks and nuns went for their morning  almsround after morning chanting. The monks and nuns chanting transference of merits to those who offer alms. Wesak Day Evening Chanting. Each person was given a plate containing [...]

Buddhist Nun Ordination (Mae Chee) Procedures

This is ordination procedure for Buddhist nuns (mae chees) under the Theravaradian tradition. Photo below is taken from Year End Temporary Ordination held in December 2016. Prior to ordination, the person who is planning to ordain as a nun may seek forgiveness from her parents/guardians. She may bow at her parents’ feet 3 times and to [...]

Approximate Cost of Ordination

Note: Originally due to cost constraints, Khun Mae had planned not to hold the event as she does not have sufficient funding to support the event. However, at the request of some of her followers who wishes to participate and also to visit other temples, this event would be held on cost sharing basis for [...]

Sanghadana 20 March 2016 Donors List

Back to  Sanghadana (Offering Requisites and Lunch) on 20 March 2016 Below is the donors list from Malaysia and Singapore updated on 19 March 2016. If there is any error or omission, please leave a comment below and indicate the reference number. Sadhu for your kind contribution. Apologies as the format may  run a bit due [...]

Sanghadana February 2015

Back to PhotoGallery โฟโต้แกลลอรี่ Below is a Sanghadana offerings on 1 Feb 2015 which would involve offering requisites and lunch dana for about 96 monks. The entire expense is on sharing basis from the kind support that Khun Mae has received and these offerings are dedicated to all our parents’ as well. Thank you to those [...]